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An excerpt from the desk of the Axis Commander-in-Chief: S! Team Axis We are currently on Day 33 of Campaign 55 and this past week has been anything but boring.  Some fantastic action on the front and great response by Team Axis. Keep up the great effort and communications, I see a campaign award in your futures Team Axis so don't be slacking off.  

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 An excerpt from the desk of the Axis Commander-in-Chief: Another eventful week with many great battles.  The Allies continue to fight hard against our forces however our KM, LW and Heer forces continue our push west at a steady pace.  Remember that is the work of the soldats who run mobile spawns, defend and attack firebases, cap and guard flags, patrol our coast, and wreak havoc from above that make us the Great Team we are.  Each of these jobs relies on the assistance of other team members to communicate targets, rotate supply, place and clear Attack Objectives and monitor EWS.  So work together as the team, be respectful, and have fun.

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Cornered Rat Software is looking for a few good men/women/other to fill out some of our volunteer programs. Like most MMO's out there, we rely on volunteers to help cover things like forum moderation, training, special events, game management and other areas as well.  We're currently looking to flesh out our Pacific Rim time zone in all of these programs.

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