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It's getting close to the end of the campaign, but neither side is willing to give an inch. The Allies are holding on hard, it's great to see them fighting tooth and nail to keep their feet from getting wet! The reset looms, can the Allies pull off a miracle and push the Axis back?  Only you can decide that!

Have a great week, and Have Fun and Enjoy the Commanders in Chief Reports!

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CRS is happy to announce that our new TeamSpeak server is up and ready for business! The old server comes down on Thursday, Feb.19th, so be sure to get the word out to all your squaddies to make the switch right away. We'd like to thank TripleH for the great service he did for the community by hosting and maintaining the old servers, and also give a nod to Sirbenny for taking on the management of the new ones.

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Welcome to the first edition of the new "Campaign Report". These reports are designed to give players a more detailed AAR on what happened over the past week in-game. The format and sections will be undergoing some changes as we sort out how best to present new information to you all. We'll also use this section to address issues or concerns the community might have about the progress of the war, game management and a variety of other topics.

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