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Campaign Update & Community Manager Report:

I was on a business trip in Raleigh, NC this week. And by the time I got home on Friday, my withdrawal symptoms were getting pretty bad. So I logged in, spawned a British destroyer and had a great time participating in a beach landing in Krabbendijke. Airborne drops, transports ferrying over ground vehicles, support aircraft flying overhead – great stuff. That’s what it’s all about.

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Hello Everyone!

It's the summer United States holiday, the 4th of July (Independence Day)! So to be quick..

The map looks great, the battles have been a lot of fun, the commanders are doing a fantastic job keeping the troops in order, and we here at Cornered Rat Software thank all of you for your support! If you are in the states, be safe with those sparklers, they sting!!

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Allied Report:

Hello Allies,

Well, this map is again proving to be quite a challenge but with the dedication and determination of every officer and player we will still achieve the success and victory we have all strived for. We will need to start greasing the wheels on our msps, swab the barrels of our tanks and anti tank guns, and get the sights set on our rifles and machine guns for the upcoming week.

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New Patch!! New Towns!! New Campaign!! New Rat!! New Friends!! New experiences!!

This is going to be a great week in game. The changes will keep the dynamics of the game at all time high logins and create even more fun than before. Change is great! Especially when the community is so dedicated to the same game over the years!

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