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An informal gathering of information on your friendly neighborhood Axis WWIIOL Squads


CO - Mrfreeze
XO - Matamor
XO - Fsjr02


CO - Kenki
XO - Cobray
XO - Matt6767

Its a small axis squad that serves the kriegsmarine in the defence of the
We enjoy recruiting all sort of members but ask that if they wish to join
they at least communicate and play axis only. Also we do not mind greentags
and are happy and willing to teach them.

Lentolaivue 13 (LeLv13)
CO - Jokeri
XO - Mursutin
Lentolaivue 13 is a Finnish air squad that was founded Apr 2007. We always choose the side we're playing before the start of the campaign,  we are not "attached" to any side. Our flying as a squad is not based on strict rules, we are supporters of loose tactics. We focus on having fun ingame as bunch of comrades and if success follows that we take it as a plus.

505th Panzer Battalion


CO: Neri
XO: Gunner44
The 505th is part of the 1st Panzer Division
TeamSpeak encouraged

24th Panzer Brigade

CO - Meryk
XO - Capital1

The 24th Panzer Brigade is composed by players under Western Europe and USA time zones. Our primary objective in this game is to have fun playing together. We work together to create a fun and challenging gaming environment for ourselves. The 24th Panzer Brigade has the best mix of new and experienced players within its roster.

We make available to our members the use of forums, image galleries, web mail services and online voice communications (Teamspeak private server for squad use) to help you improve your game playing skills and make you enjoy the advantages of having the support of a community that shares with its members the same common purpose of having fun playing.

With the 24th Panzer Brigade you will enter into a gaming experience unlike any other you are likely to encounter elsewhere.

1st Reich's Guard (1stRG)

CO - Enforcer
XO - Mostyn
XXO - Naein

The 1st RG was formed just after started in game 2001. Our home town was Vireaux and our AO was the Vireuax, Revin, Couvin, Rocroi, and Chimay corridor. Our speciality was defense which allowed Dutchmon and the others in 1stPzD such as 1st FJ to usually be on the offensive. The squad eventually had about 100 members (50 active) and was in game from 2001 - 2005 at that time we decided to disband as real life had gotten in the way for a lot of us. After 2 years or playing with 3rd panzer gruppe and SWJ we decided in early 2008 to reform the 1st RG and here we are. Please join us at www.1strg.com/forums and look for the new website to be up and running soon!

250 Hispana (250H)

CO - Zalla250
XO - Piska250

Slogan: " Strength and Honour"

Description: We are the oldest and biggest Hispanic Squad with members from all around the world who share the Spanish Language.
We are Divided into three Units.
- Infantry Battalión (BI) -> Panzergrenadiers and Recon units
- Heavy Material Battalion (BMP) -> Panzers, Antitank guns, and AAs.
- Air Unit (UA)



CO - Ferdi
XO - Purkaja

Our slogan is " If you want to win, hire a Finn"

Finnish squad.  We have around 100 members, of which 20 to 30 active. 
You can reach us from ch94 ingame, www.susipartio.com or #susipartio at IRCnet.

Regio Esercito Italiano (R.E.I)

CO - Diablo85
XO - Lince
XO - Mamohuic
XO - U2
XO - T3mpest

Base of Operations: European Time/ Italy

We are an italian squad that was born in the first year of the game, mainly on the ground.
Although in little number we are able to inflict considerable damages to the enemy.
Our objective is to join together and to organize the Italian community, axis side!

Jagdgeschwader  2 "Richthofen" (JG_2)

CO - Gazoo
XO - Helmman
XO - Kr0nik

There is but "ONE" side for us....AXIS....always & forever!

'Die Hunde des Krieges'

138th Fighting Hellfish (Hellfish)

CO - Kbuzz101
XO - C0balt60

Dead Ride Legion

CO - Kraxel
XO - Saloman

1st Hunyadi Panzer Regiment
www.wwiionline.hu (menu:1sthpr Hunyadi)

CO - Hupihun
XO - Shadhun

First hungarian squad since 2003.

7. Infanterie-Division


CO - Jurgass
XO - Aeternum
XXO - Schakal, Vasquez, Zkai

We are all hardcore-axis players and never play allied during a campain. Intermission is the only exception when you can find members of the 7. ID on allied side.
Several axis High commanders come from the ranks of the 7. ID. Currently: Infalus and dekumpel
One of the most famous CinCs in the history of this game is also a founding Member of the 7.ID: Vasquez

We are one of the oldest Squads in this game. We have been formed at end of the year 2000 and are a strictly german speaking squad, as most members come from Germany in real life. 
We try to play as a team and communicate with GHC regulary to coordinate the best outcome for the axis cause. As a mid-sized squad we are mostly found on special missions, like busting important fbs, guarding or attacking vital points. Most members play on the ground, but we have also superb pilots in our squad.

91st Sturmbattalion

CO - Fook
XO - Vinci
XXO - Astro676
91st has a long tradition of providing a well organized fighting force on the front line, and providing quality seasoned ww2ol veterans to GHC. We are a friendly squad, and have only one quirk….we don’t like our members batting for the other side!
Please note the Statistics link on our site. It is a kick ass utility made by one of our mrmbers to rank all members, show who is playing allied, and who is not playing at all.

Band of Brothers (French 1st Infantry Regiment, 1st Motorized Infantry Division)
Currently we do not have our own forums but do participate in many of our Sister squads such as:
Picture archive: http://www.hartigancss.com/ww2ol/

Our French 1st Infantry Regiment leaders include:
CO - BrudsterBearster
Our German JG II Gruppe leaders include:

Started in June 2001. Day 1.
Attached to the French 1st Infantry Regiment, 1st Motorized Infantry Division
Six months ago during our expanded squad recruitment phase  we also attached unofficially to the German JG II Gruppe.
Allowing players to experience structured play on both sides of the continent.
We now have a “German” group and a “French” group. Almost all are fiercely loyal to the side they play. Teamspeak is highly encouraged but not required. The squad started day 1 with real brothers playing together and has since expanded to a loyal group of over twenty regular players. Currently we are open to recruitment for both our German and French groups. We have about 25 recruit players under evaluation at this time. We do have a bit of a healthy recruitment “challenge” between the groups at this time!
Motto: “Good luck, Good Hunting”

116th "Windhund"

CO - Badwand 
XO - Petro
We are a die hard, combined arms axis squad. We have members from all over the world, making us a international band of brothers.

Czech Panzer Abteilung (CzPA)
http://www.battlegroundeurope.cz Global Czech and Squad forum

CO - Clone9cz
XO - CzLuda
OKW Officer: CzJohnie

Vás možná válka nezajímá, ale o Vás se válka zajímat bude. (You are not interesting in war, but war will be
interested in you.)

The "Czech Panzer Abteilung" (CzPA) is Czech, Slovak and English speaking squad organized in OKW.
Official squad's languages are Czech and Slovak on Voice Over Net.

Black Scorpion Taskforce (BST)

CO - Zekemo
XO - Gator69
XO - Kapiti
XO - Skittles

644th "Wild Boars" (644th Wild Boar Division)


CO - cse644
XO - che644
XO - alley644
XO - xoomxoom

Created: June 2001

Squad Background:  The squad was originally started in June 2001, by a bunch of friends in the New York area.  It has since expanded to over 200 members from all over the world.  Many of the members are "Day 1" players, and have held high positions in the High Command.  Before squad tags appeared in game, many of the members added "644" at the end of their game name, so the squad can be recognized.  Some of those players are:  cse644, che644, pops644, razak644, alley644, jar644, myk644, woot644, pyro644, jjs644, kdan644, bax644, mfk644, etc.  Other longtime squad members, who are recruiters and HC members include num4, solarhog, bkl, etmal, and spyrox.
The squad is active and plays in all branches, land, sea, and air.

Jagdverband 44 (Jv44)


CO - rote7
XOs - rote1, rote3, gelbe1

Squad Slogan: Vorwärts immer, rückwärts nimmer.
Squad Language: German
Description: We are a squad of dedicated Luftwaffe pilots. Most important for us are teamwork and having fun.

The Dirty Dozen (DDz)

CO - Loonie
XO - Katonka
Squad description:
Welcome to one of the best axis squads in WWIIOL.  Don't let the steep learning curve
of this game deter you.  We have a large cadre of skilled players who are willing to help
you achieve the skills and player level to get the best experience possible in this game.


CO - Redneck
XO - Jak
XXO - Dunny33

Feldjager is a Day 1 squad formed on June 6, 2001.  We are an Axis naval squad that plays in the northern area of the map.  We have 50 members with around 10 on each night with players from all over the world.

ANZaxis (Australian & New Zealand Axis)

CO - Mookes
XO - Dasspeil
Squad information, Code of Conduct and Protocols for Excellence contained in "Recruitment" section of forums. (Forums Operating - Site under Construction - needs a pretty face :) )
Our most active game times on any given day are as follows:

Australian Eastern Standard Time 1800hours (6pm) to 0000hours(Midnight) (GMT +10)
New Zealand Time 1600hours (4pm) to 2200hours (10pm)
GMT 0700hours (7am) to 1300hours (1pm)
US EST 0300hours (3am) to 0900hours (9am)
US Central (Server Time) 0200hours (2am) to 0800hours (8am)
US Pacific Time 0000hours (Midnight) to 0600hours (6am)

JG11 – Jagdgeschwader 11
CO – Killa
XO – Fabao
XO – Staind07

La Troisième Division Légère Motorisée (3eDLM)

CO - Managu
XO - Yoshi, Tanaka

Mission Statement
To play in team, coordinated and disciplined but with a good amount of fun.
To train the newcomers so that they appreciate the play and not to only leave them.

Gaming Philosophy:
The third motorized light Division is a squad multi weapons, we are especially specialized in the
infantry, the armoured tanks and the recognition. We organize trainings, operations and events.
To play allied or axis following our desire but always within the framework of the operations of the AHC/GHC
Our currency: L'esprit d'équipe (The team spirit).

41PzJgAbt or 41st

CO - Koff
XO - Trappers
XXO - Huka
41 PanzerJäger Abteilung is the only pure Scandinavian squad in Battleground Europe. Even though you are always welcome to join us on our ops you need to be Scandinavian to join,
We concist of a group of mature and friendly gamers. We are a dedicated Axis squad and has been associated with the GHC in one way or another since our start back in 2002. We have several GHC officers withing our ranks.

Today we have about 25 active players and a few more that play a bit more casual. The most important thing for a member of the 41st is always Teamwork. We help eachother out no matter what. We have our own teamspeak server.


CO - Mouser98
XO - Malize

We are an axis squad and are recruiting new players and old.  Our mission is to develop reconnaissance tactics and to implement them in the wwiiol battlefield and thereby become a force multiplyer for our side.  By focusing on communications and observation we hope to provide our larger squads with timely battlefield intel that will allow them to best employ their resources and react to enemy maneuvers.  When not employed in supporting a larger force, we will conduct aggressive independent small unit operations including hot FB busts, and contested softcap town attacks.  The CO is me, mouser98 and the XO is malize.  Frogdeth, bjohnson, mauserk, and gaven are our founding members.

Böse Geschwader 26

CO - Ayerox
XO - Snpshot
XXO - Urikbg26

The pilots of Bose 26 are a pretty laid back bunch who hold a deep camaraderie both in the game and out. Bose 26 flies strictly as Luftwaffe and practices the use of Luftwaffe formations and tactics. Our pilots display the best qualities of the Luftwaffes real life counterparts. Böse Geschwader 26 Squad nights are Sunday and Wednesday evenings @ 7:00 CST – Contact us on Text Channel 26 or make a post in our Forums.

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