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Only a week into the new Campaign 181 and already the Allies are pushing on the German border.  All leave is cancelled as Axis forces are rushing to the front to stabilize the line.  There a lot of carnage to be had so get in game and fight for your side!  Also MANY MEDALS were awarded by the Axis side just as Campaign 180 ended.  Read on to see if your name is on the list!

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Campaign 180 is well underway with some really incredible battles taking place on both sides.  We are three weeks into the campaign and the Axis control 52% of the map while the Allies control 48%.  This ones going to be a real grind!  See more from Assistant Community Mgr. BLKHWK8 and the Commanders in Chief of both the Allied and Axis forces.  They are giving out more bling!  

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War correspondents at the front lines report heavy fighting in the Hurtgen forest after the Allies successfully pushed out of Bastogne.  Campaign 180 has been running for more than 30 days already and the Axis are putting up fierce defenses.  And of course the AIR WAR is more intense than it's ever been.  The skies over battle towns are full of aircraft fighting it out!

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Both the Allied and Axis Commanders in Chiefs are providing an update from the front lines and the status of Campaign 179 and awarding medals to notable players.  We are also announcing our next in a series of special events.  The next event is "Operation Winter Festival" which will be held on January 30th.  Finally welcome aboard our newest RAT volunteer SIDEOUT.


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