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The next in our series of special events is Operation Squeeze Play which will be held this Sunday 11/29 starting at 11:00 AM server time.  The event will run for 4 hours on the Training Server during which time the campaign will be locked.  This event focuses land sea and air battles in the Netherlands in early 1944.  Also, both the Allied and Axis High Commands are recruiting new members! 

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Campaign 175 grinds on as we are about 3 weeks into the campaign.  As of now, the Axis own 58% of the map and the Allies own 42%.  As we know in this game, it's never over until one side reaches victory conditions!  Your side needs you!  Get in-game and fight.  See our Top Players by stats so far in the campaign and we will also highlight some of the forum posts taken from the Harbor discussion on "Ship Spotted."

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Don't Miss Our Next Special Event!

Join us on Sunday, November 29, 2020 at 11:00 AM server time (PST) for "Operation Squeeze Play."  This event will run on the training server and will in involve combined arms of land, sea and air assets fighting in south Holland in 1943.  We expect the operation to run for 3 to 4 hours during which time the campaign server will be locked.  We will announce more information on supply and victory conditions for the event in the forums very soon.  The event will take place in Tier 4.  Mark your calendar now and we hope to see you at what always promises to be some pretty intense battles!   

In order to facilitate setup of the event the Training server will come offline a few days prior to the 29th.

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Today starts our two week Welcome Back Soldier event!  All inactive accounts receive two weeks of full equipment access.  Use these weeks to catch up and play with old friends and squad members.  Also, a reminder as of today perpetual free play has ended.  It has been replaced by a free 30 day trial subscription which gives all infantry access and access to a truck.  Finally, we still need more support for our 2019 funding drive!  We are a 100% player funded game and right now is the time to step up and support our development road map and the moving of our servers.  For more information on all these topics click here:


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