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This Sunday, March 8, 2020 is our huge live server event "Operation Fury IV."  This is a Rat led event that will involve combined arms with multiple targets resulting in big battles!  Campaign #171 is in full swing as Axis forces continue their westward push toward French factories.  Read further to see messages from the Axis and Allied High Commands.  Finally, and update on our 64 bit beta testing and a rough roll out schedule.

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A lot to update you on this week!

WAR DRUMS...… Campaign #172 will begin Thursday, 3/12/2020 at about 4:00 server time (PST) or 7:00 PM EST.  There are no planned changes to the campaign setup.

We had some great fights this past Sunday during Operation Fury IV.  Player pop was through the roof and really we received some really good feedback!   

We are deploying a hotfix to just the server that might fix the host crashes that have been driving us crazy.... And 64 bit open beta testing continues.

Axis Commander in Chief Lafleur and Chief of Staff Dudecan have stepped down and transferred to CinC staff positions to make way for Googs and his leadership team.


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