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Campaign 175 rages on with little net change in map ownership since it started.  Both sides seem to be digging in with a renewed sense of purpose.  Our aircraft damage model overhall is a big success with the fly boys. We are already hard at work on the next game patch which will bring even more goodies into the game.  Lots happening here at Cornered Rats Software and we want you to know we appreciate our players and their support!

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The Allies have won Campaign #166 by capturing 95% of the map.  We will move into intermission later today.  Operation Silent Inferno is delayed start at least 1 hour.  It will take place in intermission mode for a few hours.  Information on the start of #167 will be forthcoming from Ohm.  S! and congrats to the Allies!

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In this weeks Community News we will update you on the progress of Campaign #166 and announce two Top Killer player awards so far in the campaign.  We are also announcing our next live server event Operation Silent Inferno" which is scheduled for Sunday, August 4th and finally, more Game Trainer volunteers are needed.  Step up vets and help the newbies!


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