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Matt "Xoom" Callahan

We're calling on the WWII Online community for supporting the development and production of our 2022 roadmap! Go to to read about the details and contribute. Artillery, Motorized Mortars, Tank Crew Repair, Mobile Airfields, MG42, Gliders, Refueling Trucks, New Sound Packs, WWII Online 2.0 world conversion to Unreal Engine 5 and more! 

WWII Online 2022 Funding Campaign

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XOOMHappy New Years to you all! I think we can all agree that it's great to see 2020 come to an end, and here's to hoping for a great 2021. On that note, I wanted to take a moment to address our accomplishments and help set expectations for what this next year is going to look like here at WWII Online. I also have a message for our "Welcome Back Soldiers." So please continue reading be safe tonight!

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XOOMSoldiers, Sailors and Airmen of WWII Online. I'd like to congratulate you all on making it to our 20th Anniversary of WWII Online, which is an extraordinary accomplishment that you should all be proud of. With that being said, we need to be looking at the future. For sometime, CRS and the Community has desired innovation into the future, so as to create the next 20 years. 87% of you said we need to do something bold - and innovative to stay relevant. Today, we have a series of extraordinary announcements to share with you that help bring us in that direction. Please watch the videos in order contained in this article.

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XOOMThe New Year is approaching and so much has happened in 2019 for WWII Online, with a series of updates, content and fixes delivered, a relocation to Portland which is operational and serving the game, and now the decommissioning of Dallas server after 20 years of faithful service on this very day, much has happened. We're going to keep you posted on the progress we are making, but... I'd like to discuss a more urgent matter candidly today in hopes that there will be a community call to action to help resolve a truly large problem brewing that we need everyone's help with, asap.


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