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After a rough week and a lot of hard work, Campaign #87 is roaring reaching some really solid population spikes over the weekend. We want to express our appreciation for your patience during a most frustrating time with the server resets on Friday.



A short update on our Steam Greenlight efforts, we're still holding at position #53. This can move forward by your assistance in gathering your Steam friends to "LIKE/VOTE YES" for our game.

To learn more about what Steam Greenlight is, and how it works, visit their ABOUT GREENLIGHT PAGE.


A big thanks to Company0 for completing his Career in the Axis High Command, and a welcome aboard to our new Axis CinC, Bloodhun23. Being the CinC is a big responsibility, and it requires a seasoned player / officer to really be effective at the position. Each CinC brings a little somethin' to the table, but ultimately each CinC leaves behind a legacy of hard work and dedication.

As with all of our volunteers, they reflect the inspiration that the game delivers. By volunteering their time to improve the game play for all, we must always express our appreciation and honor for your guys work.


Yeah we know he can be a bit rough around the edges, but the man is simply a hard working dude. Most of you know'em as the guy who gives you straight answers in the forums. But behind the scenes, he is a WWII Online fanatic working tirelessly to ensure the game is running as smooth as it can, and being an engaged developer with the community.

This last week was especially hard on him after he was injured, and than proceeded to stay at the office to work with the servers / scripts that were giving him hell. So be sure to give him a big SALUTE ingame or on the forums if you see him, he is and has been a vital asset to the operation.


Currently negotiations are still under way and are in a forward motion. No major details to report here but it is still on the table if you kept up with our recent announcement, linked here.


You've seen articles and discussion about this before. Contact new players ingame, teach them how to respond to a private message. The more players we have engaging these new guys and getting them on TS, the healthier the community is.

On that note, a big salute to the Host Squads. They have been working hard at this, but we need to remember it's a FULL-ON community effort. These guys are doing the brunt of the work but they need your help.

If your squad is interested in the host squad program, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We have a Joint High Command meeting which encompasses the Community Management team and the Senior Command in HC this Saturday. We'll be discussing Community Events and generating a schedule for publication. Some of this will be Team vs Team, Kill A Rat, and what ever else the discussion cooks up.

We'll make a front page announcement sometime post-saturday with a schedule so you guys know when the major operations will be.


That's all I have for you now! As always, thanks for your tremendous support and business. See you in the field, S!

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