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Version 1.31 is one of the game's most ambitious and well-received updates in our long history. First announced in the summer of 2009, the development team was already deep into the code, art and production for 1.31. After several months of closed and open Beta testing, v1.31 went live on June 6th, 2010 which was the 9th anniversary of the game's initial launch.

Some of the highlights of v1.31 include;

One of the most requested features in past years has been the addition of variable weather to the game. 1.31 now includes dynamic weather which brings sunny, cloudy and rainy days and nights to the game. Read more about how weather works by checking out the Beta preview.

This is a catch all for the hundreds of new terrain objects, new trees, new bushes, new grass fields, buildings, gun pits and so much more. The game world has undergone a stunning transformation providing a more realistic environment and better combat experience for everyone- especially the troops on the ground.

Our first implementation of rag doll adds a whole new demension to infantry combat with realistic physics affecting characters when they are killed. Now you see the results of bullets, grenades and bombs on the bodies of the victims of the brutal combat conditions of WWIIOL: BE. Read more about rag doll features here.

Clutter  RagdollTank 

After almost 9 years of "humping tables" a new capture mechanism and related conditions are now in the game. Now the action which will trigger a capture event is the presence of enemy infantry inside a capturable building. This method of triggering the event eliminates the need to make physical contact with a capture object such as the crate/radio found in earlier versions of the game. In addition, more friendlies in a capture building will accelerate the timer but the presence of enemies will halt a capture.

There are a number of updates to infantry including the collider which improves interaction with the ground, smoothes sprinting, stamina management and weapon deployment. We've added new idle animations and even tweaked first-person eye heights for better game play.

We have completely overhauled the effects system and the result is amazing. Explosions, vehicle damage, water reflections, infantry hit and blood effects have delivered a more realistic and jaw-dropping game.

These are just some of most visible new features in v1.31. For a full run down of what's included, check out the huge READ ME available here.

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