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We have some Community Management promotions and a new addition to announce today. A very talented group of people serve our community, all of which you should know as they have been actively engaged in our community for some time.

We are ecstatic to show you the new line up of fine individuals who will be spear heading the way for our WWII Online Community.

Assistant Community Manager

Terry "OHM" Fazekas has assumed the role of ACM. He will be supporting all facets of community management, working alongside the CM.

Assistant Game Managers

AGM's work with the High Command organizations closely supporting and assisting by all means necessary. They work with the Game Moderator team very closely in handling GM matters.

Mike "LEXFIRE" Lunsford has been promoted to Assistant Game Manager. LEXFIRE recently restructured the Game Moderator team as GM Team Lead, and has great interpersonal skills. He will be working closely with the Allied High Command as his initial duty.

Tom "TMANUSA" Martin is our new addition to the Cornered Rat Software team, and will be serving as Assistant Game Manager. TMANUSA has been a long time contributor to volunteer organizations. He has been a Commander in Chief of High Command, and has demonstrated level headed execution on proactive matters time and again.

Game Moderator Team Lead

Bill "CHKICKER" Waechter was a Game Moderator for many years. Not long ago he was elevated to GM Assistant Lead working closely with LEXFIRE to re-organize the team, successfully bringing it to its best operating status in some time. He takes on a big role with some big shoes to fill, but we know he's going to take the ball and slam dunk it.

Forum Moderator Lead

Chase "THRANCE" Ellison was our Recruitment Officer for CRS, but we found his ability to work with players and moderate the forums was a better fit for his talent. He was promoted to Forum MOD Lead in recent months, we wanted to be sure to give that well deserved recognition as he is working hard to improve the MOD team's status.

Assistant Moderator Lead

Jimmy "ARRADIN" Stigsjoo is our Swedish Community Leader who has also assumed responsibility as Assistant Moderator Lead, busy guy right? This guy chomps at the bit for the next task to do, and we're all about it! His primary focus is supporting the Forums & MOD Team.


A big salute to a fine group listed, and to those who are not listed. These guys support this game daily to make your atmosphere more enjoyable. Thank you for your contributions this far, and the many to follow.

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