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Soldiers, here is an update on what we've been working on. Topics include: Steam Greenlight; Website Analysis; Advertising efforts; Community Management; and bringing back old players.

Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight is a method by which customers of steam "vote up" / approve a game they feel deserves to be on Steam, than steam contacts the developing company to proceed towards making their game run on steam / fit their standards.

WWII Online - Greenlight Page

We've sent our congratulations to team Reto-Moto on their Greenlight project being "lit" (that means Steam has accepted them). This gives us hope that Steam is genuinely interested in the type of game play we offer, vs a CoD fast paced shooter. We will still be carrying onwards as usual, and we're not off the chart. Yes, we haven't got the type of interest from the masses, a lot of that stems from dated graphics (we're not oblivious), but as you know there's a lot of meat we offer.

Our team is full of some hardcore dedicated people to WWII Online's existence, 2012 has been a challenging year, but I am proud to be apart of what has kept us moving forward, and thankful for all those who have contributed to the project prior.

I am equally grateful for the player base we have crafted, it's a great brand of folks who keep us going not only financially, but through passion.

WWII Online Newsletter

Over the last week, we have sent 55,000 e-mails to previous players to bring them back in, some discussing our Welcome Back Soldier program, and others for our now "FREE TO PLAY' offer. We're seeing strong results here, and because of new newsletter mailing systems we will be able to play a continual part in bringing back old customers.

Website Analysis & Traffic results

I'll say it again, we've built a fantastic product and community. Last month we received 110,000 unique visitors on our website, that's right, 110K. We're looking at how to make the website easier to navigate, and how to direct traffic to get ingame quicker. Part of my analysis showed that each user averaged 6.63 clicks per visit. This indicates to me hey, we have a big problem, there's people who are having a hard time to get ingame / create an account.

Prior to Monday, individuals would need to click the upper right (previously Free Trial / game box picture) to go to a landing page, where it than bombarded them with game information. Than, they'd have to click another button to take them to a sign up staging page, which would give them 3 more steps to take. Now we've made it very simple on the front page (middle rotating image), to go to that sign up staging page instantly.

Landing page project

We've also contracted a 3rd party company to begin building us a new "landing page," which will be the hub for our advertisements to quickly tap their interest, give them a modern website presentation, and rapidly deploy them to the game world. Advertising

Not long ago, I conducted a community marketing fundraiser and it was met within a shocking 72 hours. To say I am not impressed and humbled, would be a lie. It's proof that this community is dedicated to WWII Online's success. We were able to obtain 8 weeks of consistent newsletter advertising, each rotation being sent to 250,000 users! This is still ongoing and our sign ups are growing. Thank you to those folks who supported this.

Community Management Re-Structure

As recent as two weeks, we've prepared a strong line up of experienced individuals who now support player operations. These positions are not new but the people are to their positions.

There's much more behind the scenes happening. While all of it isn't visible, we're ensuring that those folks who are visiting our website are actually translating into players.

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I wanted to express a deep gratitude on behalf of CRS for all of those who have gone to the effort of voting us up, putting in positive words, and sharing this game with your friends both on steam and abroad.

Above all, we salute you for believing in the project as we do, and sticking with us through a rough economy, a real tough patch release and staff adjustments.