Time to talk about RA & WWIIOL


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Through previous attempts to hint at the importance of RA, I think we may not have done our best in identifying how RA has already benefited WWII Online. So, this post is going to focus on what the mission behind Rapid Assault is, and our mindset moving forward.

Who is Playnet, Inc. / CRS

Playnet, Inc. / CRS is an independent small company that has developed WWII Online: Battleground Europe. We have completed many content updates / releases. We do not have a parent company with oodles of financial resources and support.

What is WWII Online

WWII Online has been the only game Cornered Rat Software has developed in 11+ years of its existence, remaining dedicated to the core to see it be not only creatively successful, but financially.

What is Rapid Assault

Rapid Assault is a modern, better coded framework to build a new vehicle for the financial future of Playnet, Inc., therefore incorporating WWII Online's future as both of these projects fall under the developing company of Playnet, Inc.

How RA has benefited WWII Online to date

How can RA assist WWII Online's Future

RA will NOT hurt WWII Online

We've seen some folks say that RA will take away customers from WWII Online. Again, a perception that isn't accurate. We're talking about two very different demographics. If anything people who play WWII Online might enjoy a nice break from WWII Online, but surely WWII Online continues to deliver something unique for them, not found anywhere else.

RA's Future

Recent RA Sessions have been...

WWII Online 2.0

Why-not invest in WWII Online as it is now?

Where's v1.35?

The Mission


I close, with thanking you for your support. We're all aware of how frustrating it may be to stay patient for v1.35's release.

We're all ONE Community, ranging all the way from the CEO of Playnet, Inc. to the new guy who just joined the game this week. We're all dedicated to the mission of preserving this awesome game. Together we can get this done but we've gotta start recognizing the reality of where we're at.

The best way you can support us, is to maintain an active subscription. All monetary assets derived from WWII Online will go to the support of WWII Online. All RA investment is separate, and always has been fyi (previous work on RA has been outside investments, never from WWII Online).

Recruiting just 1 person (converting to sub) will do wonders for us. We fall to you as the community as our voice of support and reason to other existing or new community members.

I expect questions to follow this post, and I will do my best to answer them. Please structure them with reason and clarity.