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XOOMAs we aim to refine and improve our release process, I am happy to announce that I've appointed "KEMPI" as our newest RAT and Quality Assurance team lead. The QA team provides a critical function for CRS as it tests all changes made that our Development and Production team is making, and ensures that the final end product is the best as possible. Kempi has been a long time player of our game and knows it inside and out, both as a player and a High Command officer. We are very lucky to have him onboard. 

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Dana "Gophur" Baldwin
Senior Producer
Likes: Enchiladas. Shiner Bock. Fireworks.
Dislikes: Doctors. Lawyers. Gunter.
Astrological Sign: A-Bomb

Matthew "Xoom" Callahan
Likes: Music, Gaming, Business, Football, Good Food, PB & J's, Snow
Dislikes: Slackers, Negative People, Slow Season, Checkers
Astrological Sign: Virgo

Steve "Bloo" Daniels
Producer / Director of Support
Likes: Games, Rugby
Dislikes: Traffic
Astrological Sign: Cthulhu

Geof Rey "Doc" Evans
Producer / Game Manager
Likes: Time off! Motorcycles, Hot Rods, Vintage Aircraft, Guitars, the arts
Dislikes: stupidity, trivial garbage
Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Troy "Ramp" Lowe
Software Engineer with some Web Developer and a little Database and Sys Admin thrown in. (Hey, I'm a Poet and didn't know it. Just like Flynn, I did it again)
Likes: Playing Tennis, Dallas Cowboys, Sci-Fi and Action Movies, Computer Games, Programming, Offroading, a Good Steak
Dislikes: Bios staff stupid in filling, big government, taxes, bailouts, the UN, planning ahead, soggy bread, mayonnaise, hollyweird talking heads
Astrological Sgn: Aries

Melanie "Mel" Meixner
Administrative Assistant
Likes:  spending time with my family, tennis, pilates, spy/military novels, funny movies, traveling, eating out, shopping
Dislikes: pandering politicians, cold weather, soccer, whiny professional athletes, celebrities, liars, selfishness, traffic
Astrological Sign: Virgo

Jim "Maypole" Mesteller
President & CEO
Likes: The Cowboys, Steelers, Mavericks and Stars, and most NFL & NBA games, US and international travel, good books, good meals and good company.
Dislikes: all telemarketers, bad drivers, and bad waitresses & waiters
Astrological Sign: Aries

Terry "Ohm" Fazekas
Community Manager
Likes: The Giants, Care Bears, Ice Cream
Dislikes: Being out of Ice Cream.
Astrological Sign: Virgo


Mike "Lexfire" Lunsford
Assistant Game Manager
Likes: 'Merika, Military, Weaponry, Graphic Design
Dislikes: Empty Mag.
Astrological Sign: Unknown


Giovanni "LINCE" Casula

Assistant Game Manager

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