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Dana "Gophur" Baldwin
Senior Producer
Likes: Enchiladas. Shiner Bock. Fireworks.
Dislikes: Doctors. Lawyers. Gunter.
Astrological Sign: A-Bomb

Matthew "Xoom" Callahan
Likes: Music, Gaming, Business, Football, Good Food, PB & J's, Snow
Dislikes: Slackers, Negative People, Slow Season, Checkers
Astrological Sign: Virgo

Steve "Bloo" Daniels
Producer / Director of Support
Likes: Games, Rugby
Dislikes: Traffic
Astrological Sign: Cthulhu

Geof Rey "Doc" Evans
Producer / Game Manager
Likes: Time off! Motorcycles, Hot Rods, Vintage Aircraft, Guitars, the arts
Dislikes: stupidity, trivial garbage
Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Troy "Ramp" Lowe
Software Engineer with some Web Developer and a little Database and Sys Admin thrown in. (Hey, I'm a Poet and didn't know it. Just like Flynn, I did it again)
Likes: Playing Tennis, Dallas Cowboys, Sci-Fi and Action Movies, Computer Games, Programming, Offroading, a Good Steak
Dislikes: Bios staff stupid in filling, big government, taxes, bailouts, the UN, planning ahead, soggy bread, mayonnaise, hollyweird talking heads
Astrological Sgn: Aries

Melanie "Mel" Meixner
Administrative Assistant
Likes:  spending time with my family, tennis, pilates, spy/military novels, funny movies, traveling, eating out, shopping
Dislikes: pandering politicians, cold weather, soccer, whiny professional athletes, celebrities, liars, selfishness, traffic
Astrological Sign: Virgo

Jim "Maypole" Mesteller
President & CEO
Likes: The Cowboys, Steelers, Mavericks and Stars, and most NFL & NBA games, US and international travel, good books, good meals and good company.
Dislikes: all telemarketers, bad drivers, and bad waitresses & waiters
Astrological Sign: Aries

Terry "Ohm" Fazekas
Community Manager
Likes: The Giants, Care Bears, Ice Cream
Dislikes: Being out of Ice Cream.
Astrological Sign: Virgo


Mike "Lexfire" Lunsford
Assistant Game Manager
Likes: 'Merika, Military, Weaponry, Graphic Design
Dislikes: Empty Mag.
Astrological Sign: Unknown


Giovanni "LINCE" Casula

Assistant Game Manager

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