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KFS1 goes into more detail about the things he's been working on that will make great improvements in game play and future development. First things first, though, he would like to clarify that rather than the "New permanent Map Mission host fixing Mr.P", it "Takes Mr.P out back, puts a round in him, steals his uniform to use as bedding on cold nights".


All new vehicle/infantry updates system:

This is the first stage in an under-the-hood rework of some core segments of our game systems. We took a hammer and chisel to the game code and completely removed the old system for tracking where each player is and who they should be able to see from there. Then we built a replacement based on the area chat code. The resulting changes allow us to crunch out more updates, more efficiently. That makes for a much better game play experience. While we were in there, we also invested a bunch more CPU cycles into fine-tuning what actually flies out to you over the interwebs. There's still a lot of room for future improvements here, but this iteration should present a marked improvement.

Connection Handling:

The spawning thing really messed with all kinds of dev plans we've had over the years for reasons of authority. The MMhost - the one you weren't talking to when you were spawned - was the point of authority for all kinds of things: scoring, missions, etc. To achieve the new updates system, we really needed to remove some of the workload from the cell hosts, so this was a great time to tackle this issue too. Mission Results Pending was the result of any one of a number of possible issues with the underlying technical processes of (quietly) re-logging you to the map/mission host.

What we really needed was to keep you logged in to the map/mission host the whole time and simply /add/ a connection to the cell host as needed. When you're working with 10-year old code, it's rarely that easy though. So, we made use of the hammer and chisel again and seriously straightened things out.

The first two tangible features of this work are:

This otherwise dull sounding set of changes get us quite fired up because of the things they were roadblocking any development on: scoring, dynamic mission targets and origins, etc, etc.