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1.31 zum Download verfügbar


Als erstes der Download des 1.31 Clients ist jetzt verfügbar.  Für den schnellsten Download nutze den Link von der Downloadseite.

1.31 geht jetzt nicht LIVE auf dem Spielserver und wird es auch nicht bis Sonntag, dem 6 Juni. Du kannst den Client herunterladen, aber bitte noch nicht installieren bis der Spieleserver bereit dazu ist. Wir haben den Client veröffentlicht um jeden genügend Zeit zu geben die Version herunterzuladen. Für den schnellsten Download nutze den Link von der Downloadseite. README

Game Engine

Mehrfachkern Systeme unterstützen neue Grafiktechnolobien und Terrainkonstruktionen



- GPU Shader Model 2.0 ist jetzt die minimalste Anforderung um zu spielen(Ältere Grafikkarten könnten nicht mehr unterstützt werden)

- CPU SSE2 ist jetzt die minimalste Anforderung um zu spielen (ältere CPUs könnten nicht mehr unterstützt werden)

- Neue Physik-Engine für Infanterie und Bäume hinzugefügt

- Neue Effekt-Engine hinzugefügt

- Breitbandverbindungen werden jetzt benötigt

- Alle sichtbaren Spielereinschränkungen wurden gesteigert



Entfernung von Radios und Tischen mit neuer Zeitbemessung und Einnahme Start/Stop Eigenschaften


- Neue Einnahmemechanismen

- Keine Tische mehr verfügbar, die berührt werden müssen

- Angreifer starten die Einnahme durch Betreten von diesen

- Das Abfeuern der Waffe unterbricht nicht mehr den Einnahmevorgang

- Mehrere Angreifer nehmen zusammen schneller ein

- Verteidiger können einen bereits teilweise eingenommen CP "zurückcappen" durch Ausschaltung des Gegners im Gebäude

- Mehrere Verteidiger können schneller "zurückcappen"

- Alle Spieler werden an den Punkten beteiligt, wenn sie den Cappvorgang unterstützen



Serverweit, unterschiedliches Wetter wie klar, bewölkt, und regnerischne Perioden

- Erweiterung Wettersystem
- Einige Tagen werden bewölkt sein
- An bewölkten Tagen ist Regen möglich
- Wettereffekte werden eine gewisse Wolkendecke haben(Flurgzeuge können diese überfliegen)
- Spieler können den Regeneffekt mit .rain starten (offline)
- An regnerischen Tagen sind verschiedene Regenmuster
- Regen sollte generell nich länger als 30min andauern (game time)
- ES wird immer wieder mal regnen am Tage
- Regen neigt sich bei Geschwindigkeit
- Während der Schlechtwetterperiode kann es sein das du Donner hörst


No Fire Zone:
Infantry spawn points now contain a no fire zone. These zones are limited to the immediate area where players spawn. For instance the garage area of the depot spawn building and the roof are not no fore zones, neither is the vehicle garage.

This zone prevents other players from killing enemies as they spawn in. In the past we have chosen not to manually police these areas however, in the course of normal play it should be difficult (read on purpose) for players to find themselves in a no fire zone. If you enter a no fire zone you will receive an alert. If you attempt to fire in a no fire zone you will receive an additional alert and a head shake instead of firing your weapon. These zones only apply to infantry and infantry spawn points.

- All spawnables should now have no fire for enemy infantry
- This is usually limited to the areas where spawn happens not the entire building
- Players should receive an Alert when entering a spawnable held by the enemy
- Players should receive an Alert and a head shake when attempting to fire in a no fire zone

New effects systems and art utilizing Shader 3.0

- New infantry shadows
- New vehicle shadows
- New fire and explosions
- New hit effects
- New muzzle flashes
- New water effects
- New explosions
- New tracers and tracer smoke


- Updated animation blending for smoother third-person movement
- Added new idle animations
- Tired or injured infantry now have audible breathing and heart beat
- Prone infantry will now properly stick to the ground
- Several improvements to weapon switching and using binoculars
- Can now use the map while auto running
- Eye height adjusted in all stances
- Increased third person weapon direction resolution
- Infantry colliders have been adjusted (some climbing still needs to be restored)

Infantry Weapons:
- SMG recoil has been reduced
- Removed odd bit from German LMG reload
- Boyes ATR now cycles bolt after reload
- ATR recoil no longer changes your deployed position
- Added tracer to all infantry LMG

Infantry Combat Stance:
- Infantry recently in combat will now hunker down in to a combat stance
- Combat stance does not affect aiming

Infantry Stamina:
- Quick pose changes are now limited over time
- Breathing kicks in at about 70% of total stamina
- Heartbeat kicks in at about 55% of total stamina
- Sprint ends at about 50%
- While heartbeat is playing you are fatigued and regen at the old recovery rate until heartbeat doesn't play (55% of total stamina)

Deployed Infantry Weapons:
- Weapons now undeploy when you move
- The undeploy animation no longer stops movement
- Weapons may now be deployed on a wider range of objects

Infantry Hit Effects:
- Infantry now spray more blood when hit
- Infantry now leave blood splats on walls and objects when they are hit

Infantry Ragdoll:
- Ragdoll physics applied to infantry death animations
- Nearby recent explosions have an effect on ragdolls
- These can be controlled in Preferences

Infantry Corpses:
- Corpses now remain in the position they dies at
- Corpses dropped weapons expire after 30 seconds (no you can't pick them up)
- Corpses do not timeout offline
- No corpses are created if in contact with a vehicle or under water

- Paratroopers now spawn in the control tower


- Vehicles that deswpawn while critically damaged may now explode and hulk
- Crew unable to work control inputs after death
- Invalid crew positions are no longer available
- Weapons will no longer fire after switching positions
- New effects including firing, explosins, hits and damage
- Closed interiors should now appear shadowed

Army Vehicles:
- PzIIIH replaced APHE with APHEC (Capped)
- Crusader II replaced AP with APCBC
- H39 coax has been realigned
- Upgraded the Char model
- P38 fix to rear amour
- Reduced over-penetration against amour plate of 75mm, 76mm and 88 mm HE rounds
- M1a1-M5 ATG round changed from M79 solid shot to M62 APHE
- Flak 20 rain hood removed
- Fixed speedos on Laffly
- Fixed a sight error on the Churchill III
- Audited all trucks
 * Laffly S-20
 * Opel
 * Bedford OY

- Upgraded the Spitfire 1a model
- Upgraded the Spitfire Vb model
- Upgraded the Bf109 E4 model
- Blenheim IV now carries gp500 bombs
- Hurricane IIc now carries mc500 bombs
- Ju52 now has ammo counter for tail gunner
- Adjusted bomb penetration on sc250he, f200, gp500 and mc500 for improved direct hit kills on heavy tanks

- EA detection now plays a ping
- Updated flag on German freighter
- Updated French naval flags
- Updated German Fairmile flag


- Increased initial detection reporting time to >300 seconds
- Drastically increased threshold for heavy AWS

Death Cam:
- Modified death cam to circle target on death (old style WWIIOL)
- Vehicle exit pop-up now comes up when the death cam stops rotating

- Added the builders and 1.31 patch decals to the available decal list



 Terrain Build:

Very large internal code rewrite of all terrain merging functions. Several of the processes have been moved from run time to build. This should result in better performance. Included with this is an extensive redo of the art including buildings and foliage.

- Added new terrain instancing to aid performance
- Buildings have new multi-texture and specular effects
- Updated ground textures
- Roads, tracks, and bridges have been updated
- All AI and Facility markers have been upgraded
- New infantry and ATG revetments
- New army base walls
- New bunkers and capture buildings
- New urban building sets
- New castles and windmills
- New airfield tower
- New fuel tanks
- Many more new buildings
- Added several new posters


Game World:
- Redid hundreds of towns and fire bases
- Removed all power lines, road signs and railings (for now...)
- Gussied up the barracks so Rafter doesn't get vertigo

- All new urban buildings

- SpeedTree has been upgraded with new models (over 1 million trees currently in game)
- Trees now have normal maps
- Trees will cast shadows
- Radial clutter has been upgraded
- Added new fields of grass as clutter objects
- Bushes have been redone
- Improved forest ground cover
- Improved tree performance issues (binos, bushes, etc.)
- Bushes now have mnore variation in size


- Added new world info element
- Players may need to reset HUD using 'shift-y'
- Support for ultra widescreen resolutions (greater than 16:9) should be mostly complete
- Updated some launch tips
- Mission orders now show both creation and current orders
- New flags added to persona select
- The readout view now shows more player information

- Updated mini-map
- Infantry autorun is no longer disabled when the map is opened
- Fixed a bug where players with the same name or similar would cause issues
- Updated all building markers

Zoom Keymaps:
- Keypad plus/minus no longer scale the map in game
- That key combo still works while in the UI
- Keymapped keys for those functions now work in game, but not in the UI

- ".hc +<message>" no longer changes the HC MotD
- Revised language filter so that players can say pizza, muffin, Saturday, document and slut (who knew?)
- Improved font rendering (might help the pause on orders updates)
- Fixed orders just telling you town name instead of the details (ex. Diest-Aarschot FB has been destroyed)

- Added new brigades
- 20th Infanterie Division (DE)
- 3rd Infantry Division (UK)


- system will now attempt to ensure that there is always an AO placed
- System will try and place this AO as a counter attack objective near a defensive objective if there is one


- Use CP Names instead of generated IDs for hold/fall

- Fixed a rank sharing bug with lower ranks

- German Tank tutorial commander instructions revised.
- Adjusted external view of Fighter Pre-Flight Tutorial
- Ammo resupply is now mentioned more in tutorials

- Added paras and mortars (live)
- Added top 100 grenadiers (live)
- Hits are now shown
- Mortar and Paratrooper now listed under infantry

Several manuals have been updated or changed. Thank you for your feedback on these.

- Added revised and new vehicle images for:
    Spit Ia
    Spit Vb
    Char B1 bis
    Bf 109E-4
- Updated Pz.III
- Several vehicles updated to describe towing capacity and resupply ability, as well as accuracy
- Updated bomb descriptions
- French Pistol text revised to display correct model number (1935 A) and cartridge size (7.65 mm)
- Removed mortar rounds counts (whi knows what will happen!)

Crash Reporting:
- Added updated crash reporting
- Automated crash reports are in the errorinfo.dmp file
- All logs SHOULD write to the WW2_Log.txt file

- Defaults to desktop resolution


- Preferences has been completely redone with new performance, balanced and performance settings
- Ctrl-x now used for offline external view
- Players may need to revisit their hardware/software sound selection

There is a new input controller from DirectX shipping in this version to correct some multi-monitor mouse issues. In some cases testers have reported issues such as reversed controllers when using multiple input devices. Most of these issues can be resolved by setting the primary controller in the OS. In some instances you may need to redo your keymaps.

- The input controller has been upgraded
- Mouse now stays fixed to the game window when running multiple monitors
- This should fix the need to change compatibility mode to get the mouse to work in Vista and Windows 7

- The game now uses an all new archive system
- The following files are no longer used by the game

- Population levels are now shown
- Multiple region support added (for China)
- Added title link to original story
- Added read more to original story
- Removed feedburner added social networking site links
- Links now open a new browser window
- Removed version display


Pre-Launch Check:

- Machines who do not meet minimum RAM amounts and shader version will receive a warning at launch

- Enable netcode2 by default

Crash Reporting:
- Added updated crash reporting
- Automated crash reports are in the errorinfo.dmp file
- All logs SHOULD write to the WW2_Log.txt file

- Rosetta no longer required to run installer
- Cmd-tab and cmd-h now correctly hide the app and move to the desktop
- Reminder that we no longer support PPC
- Fixed another 10 character bug in the UI
- Saitek X-52 support

Memorial of the Fallen additions:
- Russell "Easy45" Freeman
- Jerry "TexFritz" Baugh
- Adam "Retnuh" Hunter

- Added new builders decal
- Plaques will no longer pop up within 30 seconds of combat

Our thanks to our newest builders:
- William "Hangman" Cameron
- Alan "Gunnie" Voss
- Michael "Wencil" Blasl
- Jean-Louis "Tarsier" T'Servrancx