Open Beta 1.34 beginnt am 6 Oktober !

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1.34 ist bereit zum offenen Test. Der Betaserver wird für alle am Donnerstag, den 6.10 sowie über Wochenende seine Pforten öffnen. Bereitet euch für diesen Test vor, inklusive dem nachfolgenden Betaprotokol.
Wir haben enbenso ein Stresstest für Samstag, den 8 Oktober um 2100 Uhr geplant, Wir brauchen euch dazu!. Als Köder werden wir ein Kill-a-Rat Event während der Testphase veranstalten.

WOOT! Als Preis winkt ein Kill-a-Rat-Shirt im alten Style für den TopRat Killer.Ich freue mich auf eure verblüfften Gesichter zu den neune RPATs.

World War Two Online - Open Test
Version (10-04-2011)

Thank you for joining us for testing.

This test will start as an offline test. After this we will open the server for Open Testing. During this phase we will be holding a Focus Test with the following goals:

- Stress test the host
- Balance new weapon play
- Test host performance improvements

Items below marked with a + are new issues. Every item on this read me requires testing.

- Live fire testing is limited to the Kortnijk-Avelgem area
- All other areas are for no-fire testing only
- Please respect the other testers
- The Focus Test will be live fire against the Americans and Germans simulating a mini-campaign style event
- This is Release Candidate testing so test everything you can think of

- Players should not move brigades onto the play field from Training at any time
- The main purpose of this test is to stress the new host
- The new host includes changes that should improve infantry gameplay
+ Scoring should be fixed and needs testing
+ Scenarios (RA) have been removed from the BE release schedule

+ All strat issues should be fixed and need testing
+ Buildings should now take damage
+ AI should function correctly
+ STOs should function correctly
+ FRUs should function correctly
+ American tutorials should function correctly

+ The following scoring events are ready for testing (RFT)
+Field resupply
+UMS Kill
+FB Damage
+Bridge Damage
+Bridge Repair
+AI Destroy
+AI Repair
+Factory Damage
+ The following scoring events still have remaining issues
+Vehicle Hit
+Weapon Return
+Vehicle Kill
+FRU spawn

New Vehicles:
+ Added US M4A3 Sherman (76)
- Added US Sherman
- Added US M10

+ Fixed a long standing engine start bug (stug bug)
+ Fixed crew damage component ordering errors (the AT/AA Gun Bug)
+ Duplicate engine state messages removed
- M10 tail gunner now has matched damage model
- Added tank tracks
+ Fixed US decals
- Improved the bounce back effect when hitting something
+ .303 aircraft round tracer adjusted
- Adjusted FoV on pak36 gun sight (needs range testing)

Infantry Load Outs:
+ Sappers renamed to Engineer
+ Engineer load out adjusted to reflect new role
+ Engineer receives new HE Satchel weapon
+ Engineer gets more grenades
+ The ATR receives very limited HEAT Satchel Charge (1)
+ ATR will eventually be replaced in the ToE with a RPAT Infantry
+ Grenadiers get more of all grenades
+ All Rifle Grenades are now HE

+ Removed eye dip while moving in stand position
+ All new weapons bore sighted and RFT
+ Fixed several issues with build tool, weapon select and water
+ RPAT rounds are finalized and RFT
+ Panzershreck sight picture made more usable
+ RPATS now have loading and fire sounds
+ Satchel charge now have HE and HEAT specific HUD icons depending on which trooper class you are
+ Fixed some errors in hit map locations
+ PIATS ARE COMING!!! (not yet)
+ US engineer now uses Springfield to be in line with other engineers
- Added US Rifleman - Springfield
- Added US Rifleman - M1 Garand
- Added US Bar
- Added US Sniper
- Added US Sapper
- Added US Bazooka
- Added DE Panzershreck
- Added DE Rifleman - Gewehr 43
+ Added US HE and Smoke grenades
- Rocket Infantry use the Heavy Infantry stamina profile (they tire faster)
- The BAR can both aim and deploy depending on the surface
- PPO cool down timer now works correctly
- Removed lean function and associated keymappings
- Changed "Assault Rifleman" to "Semi-Auto Rifleman"
- Bar 'rt-mouse' aims and 'b' deploys
- Collider polish to stop clipping things from underneath
- RPATS are now boresighted to 50m
- RPATS now have a ricochet effect for non penetrating hits

Guns & Ammo:
+ Shaped charge munitions can now generate shrapnel
+ Standardized StatHE values (more shrapnel)
+ Ricochet angles for RPATS now complete
+ RPATS have historical dispersion data
+ Did some dispersion sanity checks while were in there (looking good)
+ US grenade finalized RFT
+ Brit RG-HE now has correct trajectory
+ RPATS now have 4 rounds
+ The Garand can be reloaded like other weapons (still pings when empty)
- Adjusted shape charge damage cone (needs extensive comparative testing to 1.33)

- Fix for missing first person sounds in heavy battles
- Adjusted sound priorities
- Fix for xaudio max sounds
- Disable sounds if no device is found instead of exiting the application
- Fixed an issue where vehicle engine volume would continue to affect external sound volume when engine was off

+ Added stand in AI for the Americans
+ Adjusted tree colors
+ Fixed flag issues on FRU

+ Reverted to old font to avoid any QA issues
- updated UI screens
- New campaign/scenario selection screen
- Campaigns disabled in this test
- Waypoint tooltip in map now displays distance from player to waypoint, in meters, rounded to the nearest meter. It does not take the Z-value into account.
- UI displays waypoint icons alongside checkboxes in the map

+ The join brigade function has country info
+ Surrender flags working again
+ EWS is working
+ AWS is not
+ Map now centers on your brigade when you create a mission

- All new vehicle/infantry updates system:
- Provides for much smoother positional updates, especially for infantry
- Prioritizes important updates and update elements
- Increases frequency of updates per player/vehicle you can see
- Improved recovery from packet loss/lag,
- New persistent Map Host connection
- Scoring basics now in (but scoring not working)
- Fix for locked personas/cthl on relog <-- WOOT!!1!
- Improved player capacity
- Known Issues:
- Mission Results are no-longer pending :(
- New update system does not implement the "stuck firing" feature of previous versions :(
- Popular feature where the game would save you from staying online too long by releasing you back to the real world ("CTHL") is no-longer functioning at 100% efficiency. Playnet is not responsible for any increase in gameplay duration you may suffer as a result =/


- Improved default mouse speed
+ Aiming has a separate mouse sensitivity setting
+ Default mouse sensitivity = 1.50, default aiming sensitivity = 0.90

+ Can now search for enemy names greater than 8 characters

+ Added revision number to loading screen
+ Fixed some loading screen issues
+ updated languages
+ despawn timer only in campaign (not training)

+ Updated languages

+ Now requires MacOS 10.6
+ Scenarios still broken (keep out please)

+ added a no shadow option to the shadow preferences for region 5 (China)
+ flags are working for us in region 5





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