Beyond 1.30 Sneak Peek


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[THIS WAS AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE- ED]We'd like to let you our player base in on some of the happenings behind the doors here at Cornered Rat Software. We've been working diligently on the Unity 1.5 upgrade and some new content for several months and are now ready to let you get a sneak peek of it in action.

This screenshot shows the latest in Axis air superiority the Me.666F-F1. The loadout of the Me.666F-F1 is laser targeted pulse cannons and an electromagnetic rail guns, for defensive measure it comes complete with a pulse generated EMP neutron particle defense system. This design is all based on Zero Point technology developed by Germany in 1945.  This short video clip also shows a new Allied AFV design that is in the final throws of testing. We'd love to hear your feedback about the play balancing issues that may arise from these new units.