Friday Update


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Today we're going to unveil the alpha development state of the new CSR project.




It's important to understand that this is still in an alpha state, as some of the DB hooks and records that were FUBAR'ed when we migrated/replaced all our infrastructure over the past year may not be recoverable, and that some of the functions/records you want to look up in the alpha build may be missing or incorrect.

We want everyone to take a look at it however, and thought it would be nice for you to see that we really are making progress with this stats development. Chris should really be commended on the fine job he is doing with this. When it is done it is going to be a muuch better resource for scoring possibilities than the old CS&R wound up being. With a ton less uptime/reliability issues too !

So if you're interested, come have a look at and don't forget, if it crashes from over logging by interested players, that's actually good to know and won't be a bad thing. Judging load ceilings can sometimes be very difficult until you break stuff with overloading. :D