Improving Infantry Weapon Textures


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XOOMIn our continued pursuit to improve WWII Online, we wanted to announce a bit of what we've been working on behind the scenes. Looks are a priority to modernize our appearance from the first person perspective while maintaining a users best game performance. Take a look at some of the progress we have made so far.

Infantry (art) has long been on our list of things to improve, recognizing full well that it can be an initial deterrent to new players. We want to equip you with not only pride in the game you love to play, but give you some more ammunition to bring new recruits into the game.

While we're still not at a point to create a new host or client release immediately, we're preparing for it by updating existing assets through our Lead Artist "VOLCOL." For a long time Volcol has contributed greatly to the game's art, which probably can be most recognized by his work on the US Infantry Weapons, RPATS, Gewehr 41 and helmet renditions. He has since enhanced his skills and has produced some quality textures updates we're presenting today.

Art represents some of the easier assets to improve for our game with the least amount of risk. This is one of the components that does not directly rely on coder involvement. Though updating the quality of these is no easy task for us non-art guys, Volcol has taken the bull by the horns and is doing great things in the art department.

As part of this development work Volcol has completed the MP40, Mas38 and M1A1 Thompson (UK Version) so far. We have several other areas of data and code that are gradually being managed into this early development rebuild, which is critical to make great things like this become a reality.

This is an important step forward for us at Cornered Rat Software and we thank you for sticking with us while we continue our efforts to improve the game where applicable. This only represents one of the many positive developments lately, Greenlighting of WWII Online, CSR 2.0 Alpha and our Build the Community Advertising Goal completion.

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A big salute on behalf of all of us at Cornered Rat Software