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XOOMOn June 6th we will be celebrating our 16th anniversary since launching WWII Online, that's awesome! We have a lot of activities happening; so today I will be addressing our Steam progress, the recent announcement and forum discussions of 1.36, additional power inbound to one of our server cabinets on this Sunday and finally provide you with a YouTube video of our highly engaging / interactive Rat Chat we had this last weekend!



Steam users will be having their very own game client, we've chosen to do this to make things much easier on their end and work with the Steam flow much easier. So new users coming from Steam will not be required to launch the Playgate as our (organic) current users do. Actually signing up for an account and managing that account will also be a bit different, all of that is being worked on as we speak and is making really solid progress.

If you haven't heard, we'll be launching as "Early Access" onto Steam, there's a few reasons for that, but we've went ahead and outlined everything our Steam store.

Currently we're in the "Coming Soon" to Steam category and we're already gaining some awareness in preparation for our actual Early Access launch day. This is great because it's already building up a bit of a fan base, in fact we have (as of this writing) 1,446 members part of our Steam group, and we anticipate that to climb higher. Not bad for only being on Steam "coming soon" for only 2 weeks.

Playnet accounts will not be eligible to be transferred to Steam. You will be able to launch a non-Steam game if you want to access the Steam community, this can be done already fyi.


We realized really quickly that we needed form a Localization team, to help us translate our announcements and game information to many other languages. We're pleased to report that we have adapted rapidly to this demand and we're now offering multiple translations on our Steam store, and we're going to be working on additional translations for our actual game client.

If you speak a language other than English, please send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with some information about you and the language(s) you speak fluently.


We've seen a lot of discussion generate here, so I wanted to simply point most of you to that forum thread which includes my explanation, some rebuttals, and further explanations. I'd like to re-affirm to the readers here and now that we are committed to getting back onto the 1.36 train immediately following our initial release on Early Access, and in the interim we are considering things to ease the burden on High Command and players by reviewing low hanging fruit levers pertaining to the Brigade / TOE mechanics.


Game services will be brought offline by 7PM US Central this coming Sunday June 4th 2017. We will be replacing the power distribution units of an entire cabinet that we have. This will provide is with double the power capacity, and bring our entire infrastructure up to maximum power. You should expect this to take the duration of the evening.

This is something that is long overdue and is simply unavoidable. The gains to be had here are very important because it means we will be capable of deploying more servers, safely to our network. As of this moment we have been creeping very close, and in some cases exceeding our current power based on certain processes and what not taking place.

It cannot be emphasized enough how important this is and how glad we should be collectively that we're finally addressing some outstanding concerns that have been here, for wayyyy too long.


We've recently installed our new Gigabit line but have been working on all of the networking and routing / configuration rules in prep to swap things over from our two 100 Megabit lines. We will keep you posted on this but there will be a 24 hour propagation period (based on your ISP) that will make services hard to reach. This will increase our bandwidth ceiling by a factor of 10x and is required for the Steam release.


Watch the full Rat Chat on our YouTube page (click here).

0 #6 BadJasper 2017-06-03 12:51
Is WBS still active???
0 #5 Ikiledu 2017-06-03 11:27
I am all for doing what is necessary to make sure the game gets the much needed great start on steam and if that means a delay in the patch, so be it. I personally will be doing all I can to help see the launch succeed, Starting by applying to get back in to the HC after my break from the game.

I feel some of the knowledge I have from my day to day work may be useful especially with the upcoming influx of players. I am willing to volunteer what time I have if i am needed to help out with anything. Is there someone i can contact in regards to any opportunities for me to assist pre/post Steam launch?

Ikilledu, S!
+1 #4 David Poole 2017-06-03 09:20
will steam players and playnet players be together or is it 2 different servers?
+1 #3 Mustafa 2017-06-03 06:51
Trains in 1.36!!! :lol:
+2 #2 oddyss 2017-06-03 03:01
If you're building a new client, in my opinion it would be good to have the initial screen show the map across the whole screen with frontlines marked and with big arrows showing current attacks.

Also... get me my americxan lmg ASAP! I can not wait!!! :D
+2 #1 Ltaralex 2017-06-02 19:40
Sounds good XOOM, keep up the good work! S!
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