Some n00b features of v1.30


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DOCWe get a lot of feedback about how much more complex Battleground Europe is compared to the average shooter game. Heck ya! This isn't your average shooter game and that's why you love it, right ? But yes, we do understand that if it was a little easier for new players to "get into the swing of it" then more of them might stick around to become as addicted as the rest of you have. :)
Beginning with the release of v1.30:

1. All new players get bino's at rank level 1. No more waiting to pick up threats far off, you have it from the get go.

2. All new players must go through Basic Training before they can spawn anything, which while naturally in it's first implementation (more development can follow this to add new things to it) it will provide them an understanding and experience of all the core functions and basic methodology a new player might at present not learn for months. All this information comes before they spawn in for the first battle. This includes infantry, tanks and aircraft, the basic starting triad.

3. Advanced Combat Training where players can fight each other in limited level fight engagements with some tactial/UI/HUD direction and tips is also making it's debut with this patch and players can use this as often as they like, without having to log off and visit the Training server.

4. Rank for ground guys now takes you through a progressive unlocking of equipment access via gained rank that is more linear than it was previously. It's easier to grasp as a way to get somewhere with more gameplay time and hopefully adds an extra hook to stay around and get addicted to the game.

Training concepts and their expansion in v1.30 is one of the major pieces of core code we are continuing to implement into the game and part of what made this dev. cycle so long. It's still just in it's infancy right now but a lot of cool stuff can come from this foundation work expansion.

Future n00bs never had it so good.