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KFS1Something that goes round the office and forums every now and again is the issue of enemy infantry inside a depot or barracks. There are a huge range of opinions about it from "a factor of all out war" to "cheating". I tend to side with those who say "if the game allows it" on this one, right up until it's my turn to get shot ;)

The topic has come up a few times in the office recently and I tried looking at it from a casual player perspective. It is something that happens from time to time to all of us. I've gone AFK and returned to find myself "camping" inside a (now) enemy spawnable.

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Unity II continues its development path and testing is underway on several core features. Based on the need for additional work on integrating the new render pipeline into the game engine, Unity II has been pushed back beyond the upcoming 1.29 version of Battleground Europe.

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