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Matt "Xoom" Callahan

For awhile we have been considering ideas on how to improve network communication between North America & Europe, the bulk of where our worldwide customer base is located. Today we're ecstatic to report that the next step in this exploration which will be in the form of an important live stress test coming this Saturday January 15th at 11AM Pacific Time (1PM Central, 2PM Eastern, 7PM GMT) on an all-new WWII Online server with uber specs located in New Jersey, USA. This marks our first step towards going to the cloud and it also acts as a perfect middle ground between the two continents and our in-house European testers have reported a rather significant drop in ping time. If this all works then we should see less lag reports and player deaths should synchronize more cleanly and quickly.

Remember, this is all exploration and the Oregon based servers will remain in position. Please continue reading for event details provided by TEX64 (Community Manager) and mark your calendars to attend, this is really important!

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Matt "Xoom" CallahanAll services will be offline from 12PM-1PM Tuesday, August 24th 2021 for network maintenance. We anticipate 1 hour downtime but could be subject to more based on how things develop. Continuous upgrades to enhance our security and latest firmware is paramount to up keeping our infrastructure. Discord will remain online as well as social media for updates directly from CRS. This will affect all services (campaign / servers / websites / forums / etc). Thanks for your understanding in advance. S!

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Terry "OHM" Fazekas

From the desk of the Game Manager: This Thursday (November 11th) we will be conducting server maintenance between 8:00PM-10:00PM pacific time (GMT -8). This will be back end database / update which will cause the campaign to be offline. The training server will likely be not accessible as well. CRS will provide text updates through the official discord (join here). Thank you for your continued support.

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XOOMThis Thursday, April 29th we'll be installing our second new switch out at our collocation. The results from installing the first new switch were outstanding and we gained critical actionable feedback and analytics for overall performance of connections. Changing out this second switch is integral to providing healthier connectivity to WWII Online. 

Downtime begins at 7PM Server Time (Pacific, GMT -8) and is estimated to be down for at least 2 hours. We'll keep you posted on our Official Discord of activity, and we may even have some video on the call as well to make it a little bit interactive for you all. 

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