Allied forces win Campaign 47 - Intermission reset today

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DOCCongratulations to the British and French forces for their victory in Campaign 47! Looks like the Allied players have answered the Axis 2 in a row with 2 in a row of their own. I guess that makes Campaign 48 to come ... the payback campaign! We'll be resetting the servers today for intermission, with the v1.29 Open Beta currently in full swing we won't be doing anything special for the campaign break this time. Maybe this is your chance to have a squiz at the Open Beta for the upcoming v1.29 release now that you won't be in hard core campagin mode for a couple of days.

Soon as I get this announcement up we'll be in reset mode here, so you can expect the reset to happen sometime around noon (CST, which is -5 hours from GMT, so around 5:00-6:00pm GMT) and the servers to be in intermission configuration. Provisional planning is to reset for Campaign 48 on Wednesday, October 29th, first thing here so around noon (CST) again by the time we remount all the Campaign orientated configurations.

Some of you may be wondering about the implications of v1.29, will there be a patch for the new campaign, etc.. Well no, there won't be any patch until v1.29 is ready for release. It wouldn't have been possible anyway since v1.29 is a very different code base to v1.28 (current game) and requires a different host cluster as well. Part of how BIG v1.29 is revolves around how much of the game engine has been rewritten for future abilities and features that the old code base could not support. If you read Gophur's update last week you'll know what I'm talking about.

After a couple of days break we'll reset again for Campaign 48 (Wednesday) and this will mean continuing with v1.28 on the live server ... when we get close to v1.29 being released as the new live version we'll see where that puts us with respect to patching live while the campaign is underway. We don't anticipate any problems or issues based on it being a new code base (compared to v1.28) in terms of how it will affect the campaign itself. The only real issue will be sliding the new aircraft into the ToE's which is not really an issue, we'll probably be in tier 2 by the time v1.29 makes it to the live campaign so adding a bunch of the new aircraft to the ToEs won't be difficult or unsettling to the campaign flow itself, given the tier system will still be the "old one" not the new breakdown we brought up some time back when the new aircraft were announced. One way or another you'll have the new planes as soon as v1.29 becomes the live version of the game.

Relax, take a load off ... have a couple of days to explore other things, goof off, do some training or practice ... and get set for what will be an exciting November for us all.

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