Allies Victorious in Campaign 83! Intermission Pending


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Congratualtions go out to all players for a fine and wonderfully desperate campaign. Kudos to the Allied players of WWIIOL for a fine victory and an excellent debut for the first American forces in the campaign game.

We'll be transitioning to a brief intermission for the remainder of Tuesday and overnight on Wednesday. There have been some visible signs of campaign strain present so we're going to relax things a little and leave supply off and not put any pressure on players or command over the duration of this short break. Treat it as goofing off time and the opportunity to rank up in something you don't normally get to use, or to practice some new theory or work out some things you never get the opportunity to do in the heat of the more serious campaign battle. Perhaps try the other sides gear and finally realize what you never did before about how to deal with it when it's your opponent.

Thanks to all who had a great time and we'll be back to do it all again late on Thursday for Campaign 84. We expect the new campaign to begin around 4:00pm DST (that would be 9:00pm GMT) so it will be a prime time kick-off for most players on both sides of the ocean. That means the new campaign will start Thursday around 4:00pm DST, 9:00pm GMT.

See you out there, in my gunsights!