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The German armed forces of Battleground Europe have won Campaign number 45. At 88 days long, Campaign 45 slides into second place on the "longest campaigns in the games history" list, just pipping Campaign 13 (87 days) at the post for this position. Congratulations to the Axis players for their hard fought victory, and kudos to the Allied players who took the fight up to their opponents in the hard fought fashion they are known for. It was a fun and interesting campaign!

We will be resetting the servers on Monday morning for a "Special Events" intermission created by our Special Events Co-Ordinator, Jammyman ... and looking to start Campaign 46 off a couple of days later on Wednesday morning.

In the meantime, with so many players saying they never get the chance for a "Battle of Britain" stage of the game ... tonight (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday) would be the perfect time to experience this situation in Battleground Europe.

You never know, the Germans might even invade England!

Monday morning Edit:

We're in the process of getting ready to bring down the live game servers for reset. Our Special events Co-ordinator (Jammyman) has put in place brigade deployments that are intended to allow for fun and varied gameplay from the Battle of Britain fans to the ground pounders who like to just fight over territory, to the manoeuvre warfare fans who want to try and cut off supply to armies trapped in surrounded pockets.

We should have the servers down in the afternoon around 4pm... Texas time. (-6 hours GMT)