Campaign 103 Allied Victory and Intermission Reset


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DOCToday (last night actually) the Allied forces satisfied the "own the world" conditions to achieve victory in Campaign 103. While congratulating them we feel it must also be said that the German forces put up a simply amazing defense that wasn't going to let up until there was nothing left to spawn in from. We congratulate all of you for doing what makes this game so fantastic.


We have brought the server down for the reset to a short intermission before the next campaign begins. We expect to start the next campaign during the day on Thursday the 21st of August. We're not too sure of exact times, as we are at the same time fixing two major bugs, which may extend down times if and when as needed.

One of these is the "locked persona bug" which is tied to new and returning accounts. This is critical we fix this. The other is a DB error we are wrestling with that fell out of all our relocation and virtualization work to bring our network up to modern times. We obviously don't want to have any more down time than absolutely necessary so we will be using scheduled maintenance and campaign reset down times to get work done that requires the server or DB to be offline.

So please bear with us as we wade through this shamozzle of network and nested infrastructure work. We'll get it all done as fast as humanly possible. Expect the intermission to be up and running today (Tuesday) ASAP and to run through Wednesday. We plan to begin the next campaign (#104) on Thursday the 21st.

Again, we'd like to congratulate all WWIIOL players for another awesome campaign where the fight didn't let up until the server came down. It's why you're the best. Your passion for the fight is simply the greatest in the business.

!S .. one and all. You're fantastic.