Campaign 46 Reset Thursday Sept 25


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DOCWe will be resetting the game servers for the start of Campaign 46 on Thursday the 25th of September.  That's tomorrow folks! This means that we roll into the office and begin organizing all the scripts and file uploads that are required to run all the backend stuff and database configurations that make the game work dynamically thoughout the campaign as it evolves. This can take up to 2 hours or so, then we will take the game servers offline to reset all values for the start of the campaign. When the server clusters first come back online, we will close the gameworld while we do the online testing and validation to ensure all is configured as it should be, which is a fairly complex series of checks we have to run, since the game is actually a pretty complex beast by the standards of other MMOG's.

Once all of this is complete, which can take up to an additional hour or so, we will open the gameworld and it's war on! Expect this to be operational and all systems go by lunchtime (CST - Texas time, which is -6 GMT) after which you can once again concentrate on what you like doing best, killing the other side and laughing about it.

We are running a couple of minor changes this campaign. Backline movement of brigades (and their supplying divisional HQ's) will be adjusted to 30 minutes from the present 15 minutes. This now applies only to true behind the front movement, where previously only moving TO the frontline cost the combat zone movement of 1 hour now this also applies to moving OUT of the front line to a town behind the lines. Fallbacks are still 15 minutes so with the change planned, they represent a true rapid withdrawl of forces at a cost, since normal movement out of the frontlines will cost the same time (1 hour) as movement into the frontlines does.

We also reduced the amount of armour in the infantry brigades to further differentiate them from the armoured brigades, but increased their armoured car/very light tanks complement.

Have fun and enjoy the new campaign!