Campaign 48 Starts Today


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DOCIt's campaign start day! Yup, that day we all wait for eagerly. When we get to break our F5 keys and finally get in to stand around stamping our feet waiting for the lock to come off and then charge! We'll be bringing the servers down to do all the reset operations we have to do ... at 11:30am this morning (Wed Oct 29th) then we'll bring them back up ASAP- probably about an hour.

In the meantime, we're also still forging ahead with lot's of work from the v1.29 open beta. Some players have expressed what appears to be a little confusion about the beta server and how much it appears to be down. Well that's because we are patching it pretty much daily and a new beta client is going out every 2 to 3 days. With all the things we rewrote and improved during this huge development, the game is quite a different beast codewise (and host too) so there is a lot of clean-up to be done, when you alter a piece of software this much, you break even stuff you didn't replace a lot of the time!

So expect the open beta host to be down and up constantly as we work through all these annoying moments. We have made a ton of progress with all the help of our players and in addition, all the new things this version of the game includes, we have fixed a ton of little bugs and things that got left behind in previous dev. cycles. This will be a very exciting time as we draw closer to release. Thanks to all our fans and players for their help so far, don't forget to check out the Beta article from Gophur if you haven't already, and have a squizz at the open Beta release yourself if you want to lend a hand there.

Ok, I gotta go now, I have a reset to do!  :) Good luck to both teams in the upcoming Campaign #48.