Campaign #49 looks to be closing out


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DOCWell unless a miracle happens it looks like the Axis fortunes for this campaign are almost cooked. While anything is possible in this world of yours, I just thought that I would give you a heads up what we're probably going to do based on the way things look right now. Current CRS planning would be to reset to INTERMISSION tommorrow morning (Wednesday the 3rd of December in Texas) early on, and plan on starting Campaign #50 on Friday the 5th of December so that Friday night and the weekend are set to be ablaze with the sounds of WAR.

We have a possible point release in testing to fix some errors or bugs left over from the big v1.29 release last week ... the intermission over the next couple of days will give us time to make sure we can use this as a patch with some needed fixes in it to start the new campaign with, and maybe avoid the whole "patch while IN a campaign" drama that nobody wants to have to deal with, us included !

There are no special rules for the upcoming intermission or campaign, outside of those we brought in with v1.29's release, like the points you get for radio guarding and so on. We will continue to attach strategic industrial bombing (RDP bombing) to supply timers (thus making attrition in the field more palpable) ... we might even raise the effects of this a little ... but equipment tiers will still arrive at the same time no matter how much bombing is going on.

The Germans are heading west and the Allies heading east again for the next campaign, as they really always should. It was a fun and interesting camapign (#49) up to the last 2 days, but we never had any intention of doing it again (the reverse map thing) even when we were deciding to try it out nearly 5 weeks ago :)

So, unless things change between now and tomorrow, expect to see a reset for the intermission break in the morning and a new campaign (#50) on Friday. I just wanted to get you some advance notice of where we were at with this.

S! everyone, have fun shooting each other.