Campaign News ! Allies Victorious ! Next Campaign Plan

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DOCWell the allies finally pulled off their flanking move and closed out the campaign at approx. 8:00pm CRS time. Congratulations to both sides because while the allies won the campaign, the Germans were straight away recapping to turn it around. An awesome effort by all concerned !



While we have some background work still continuing (the big rebuild is still underway !) we plan on a quick intermission so we can get you back into campaign mode for the upcoming weekend. The plan right now is to bring the game server down at 1:00pm Rat time (6:00pm GMT) and reconfigure the servers for the new campaign. This will allow us to have it back up and running by prime time Friday night, USA time.

Once again, kudo's all of our players on some kick arse combat, the fighting in Essen at the end there was some of the most intense I have ever seen ! You should all be proud of the fight you show every time !

PS: for those wishing to see the Americans during intermission, this was not possible this time around. Hopefully the next campaign will see their return in tier 3 during the upcoming campaign.

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