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Well it's almost the weekend so I just thought I'd take a minute to wish you all a great end of summer. Fall is here although it's still hot as hades down in Texas, maybe well have a cooler winter and see some of that white stuff on the ground when the end of the year arrives!

 As you're all no doubt aware, we've got a new pricing plan in place now that includes the ability to offer free play accounts instead of free trials, and this has been quite successful with increases in populations on the server and an actual increase in paid customers, however small that increase it still has to be seen as a good result to come out of these changes. It's been nice to see more players in battles at all hours of the day and night.

We have had to discontinue pre-paid style accounts but the savings these offered are still available as part of the EZ Pay option. We'll also be offering up a Welcome Back Soldier deal and we'll talk about this more after we finish work over the weekend to complete all the billing and account updates and changes that this iniative created for us.

The goal was to accomodate changes that the Free Play account offer demanded of us and at the same time to simplify and streamline the previous billing and account offers which had reached a confusing and overly complex state after all this time and change and evolution. Simpler systems are more easily understood by customers (which is good) and are less prone to bugs and failures (even better for customers!) and we all gain from changes such as this.

Gophur hasn't spoken out much for some time and will be making a play for your attention with a lengthier hello perhaps as soon as next week, I'll remind him to get his "hi guys" hat on and get typing.