September 2nd Host Maintenance 11am CDT


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All game server processes have been running continuously since July 7th (56 days). In order to allow us to capture some data from the processes and to apply some minor host updates, we will be bringing the live servers down for 10-20 minutes at 11am CDT on Tuesday September 2nd 2008. The host update includes several minor tweaks such as changes to resupply truck ranges and rates, and some minor tweaks to chat.

Host Only Update September 2nd 2008 11am (

. Increased range of Resupply Trucks to 50m (was 10m)
. Increased speed of Resupply Trucks from 1 round/clip every 4 seconds to 1 round/clip every 2.5 seconds
. Increased Contact Report limit per mission to 32 (was 16)
. Increased Contact Report limit per player to 16 (was originally 4, currently 8)
. Increased restrictions on cross-side PM to include only the top two ranks of HC officer.
. Fixed a bug causing the host to occasionally mark a message as a PM when it was a channel message (see below)
. Changed the default channel listing to be F1=Mission, F2=Target, F3=Side, F4= Squad, F5=Ops, F6=Help - this may reset some player's default channels.

There is no client update with this maintenance.

PM issue:

When someone tuned a radio to another player and then sent a message to one of their regular channels and the PM channel, all recipients would see the message marked with the same icons making it appear to be a private message and causing the client's "/r" command to reply to that person.

The host now will now send the private copies of the message separately with the PM flag.