Weekend Reset (Nov 1) CAMPAIGN 49 IS ON!


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DOCWe have reset the servers this afternoon to close out Campaign #48, which the Allied forces have won even though the campaign news from the World @ War Gazette front page hasn't picked up this news yet. What happened was that the percentage ownership of the game world that drives the victory headline was not invoked because the Allies this time won the campaign by denying the Axis all supply and movement of reinforcing divisions and brigades back into the map ... turning the remaining gameworld into technically what the code sees as a surrounded pocket. Not exactly what we intended when we designed it but well done for figuring it out!

So now we come to the reset. Normally we'd drop into intermission mode following a campaign victory but with two relatively very short campaigns recently we have seen a fair bit of intermission lately. In addition to that consideration, we have a new player promotion running right now that began yesterday, and it would be nice to show these new guys some real blood and guts Battelground Europe style campaigning. So we have a little surprise you might want to get your teeth into.

Here at CRS we like to actually work from real and known experience and evidence. We don't like to guess a lot. So we tend try stuff out in the search for what works and so that we can act in the best interests of the game. We listen a lot and we want to put this to the test once again.

We're going to go straight into Campaign 49 today (Saturday) ... we're actually redoing all the server side stuff right now ... to make what I am about to say possible. Campaign 49 will be the Experimental Campaign. We're going to put a couple of things to the test.

1. While it will be a real campaign, that goes on the scoreboard as a campaign Victory to the winners, the map will be reversed. The Allies will start in the East and the Axis in the West. It will look like an internission map but it isn't.


2. All RDP is suspended from bombing effects. RDP bombing will still slow down supply to the brigades and divisions, but each new tier will be made to arrive at the same time for all countries. Thus while RDP will not function to give each country their new tier of equipment at a different time based on factory damage, factory damage will still delay the resupply of your opponents weapons lost in battle, in fact we have increased the delay possible by 125%. So bombing RDP factories affects the battles success that you wage, but no one will have disparite tier equipment based on bombing. You can delay the resupply of your opponents by up to 10 hours now, by bombing their RDP factories.

3. Overstocking limits have been increased as well.

Ok, I have to get back to it now, we're really busy getting all this done on a weekend ... please take a moment to think about and understand what this means. It's going to be a fun one I am sure, and as far as the scoreboard goes, this will be a real campaign this is not an intermission.

LATE EDIT : Something broke while we were resetting the host, so downtime is taking longer than nessesary. We're whipping it with chains and considering electroshock therapy next, but suffice to say we are working on it as fast as we can. STAY TUNED IT WILL BE UP OR WE WILL DIE TRYING.