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After a long battle (and several injuries lol), the servers are syncing back up.

Huge thanks to the OPS team for their tremendous efforts, and to everyone for your patients during the outage.

Campaign will resume in 30 minutes, Training server is live! 

Let the WAR commence!  Salute!

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Today is the beginning of Campaign 148, report for battle troops! We have updated the timers for capturing facilities. Due to the speed of the last couple of campaign's we were a bit concerned things have been moving a little too fast. So now players will have to work more closely together to secure facilities. Details of capture timers inside. We'll also remind you of the promotional equipment access Starter and Free Play Subscribers receive for this campaign.

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Something has come up with the primary server that supports the Campaign server and requires the need to take all game related services offline in order to migrate over to an unaffected server. This process has already begun and is planned to take up to another 2 hours. Services that are currently down are:

  • Campaign Server
  • Training Server
  • Authentication Service
  • Billing Services

After all services are restored, they will be brought back online and the war can commence.


S! Cornered Rat Software

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Good Morning!

This morning we will be bringing down the Campaign Server for some maintenance in preparation for the next phase of our Steam Roll out.

If you log in to play during this down time, you will not be able to access the main Campaign Server, however the Training Server will be available for you to log in.

We expect to bring down the server and start the maintenance in the next 30 minutes. We will let everyone know when we are bringing the Campaign Server back online.

Thanks for your patience as we work to make the game experience better!


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