1.30.2 Released


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Saturday morning, 1.30.2 was released.

The full ReadMe is below.

Version (6-26-09)

- Fixed moving with binos bug

- added code to save the minimap scale over HUD resets
- fixed "engine dead" readout

- fixed /trainer channel
- fixed some STO problems related to a host crash

- pending messages should now show correctly

- Fixed a display error and crash associated with mousing over a 10 character name

- Fixed spelling errors reported in tank training

- Fixed a tree/berm issue at the Koln City facility
- Fixed a spawn issue at Gilze Armybase
- Fixed flickering town tile on the river
- Fixed an elevation issue at Attigny
- Fixed Rethel road
- Added a capture table to Hasselt Docks
- Fixed some ob3 errors along the Albert Canal
- Gave Wuustwezel a tighter village layout
- Fixed a number of bugged AI at Gilze township
- Fixed some berm errors around Hasselt
- Fixed an elevation issue at Attigny
- Fixed road near Rethel
- Fixed a boat spawn at Gravenpolder
- Fixed some missing forest tiles near Halle
- Fixed some AI at Temse
- Fixed the Halle - Brussels FB
- Fixed some issues at Soignies
- Fixed an elevation problem near Halle
- Improved the AB's in Charleroi
- Fixed some ber issues along the river near Charleroi
- Fixed two more FB's (spawn issues) but forgot to write down which ones
- Reduced excessive tree count at Temse
- Repaired the consenvoye-Dun FB
- Fixed a spawn issue in Val-de-Vesle
- Fixed some floating buildings at Signy
- Fixed the floating AB Wall at Signy
- Fixed some berm errors around Launois
- Fixed the AB's in Gent
- Fixed some berm issues around Wetteren
- Replaced Stekene because it blew chunks
- Fixed elevation issue Haybes-Gedinne FB area
- Reduced TLOG count around Anhee
- Fixed elevation issue at Anhee
- Fixed some strat issues at Spontin
- Altered Gedinne township

- Fixed a mouse jitter bug

- fixed a number of places that weren't using the DisplayName() call for strat object names that were displayed in the UI
- settings and preferences now have only Chinese in the language selection
- Updated translations from web tool

- mouse should now save sensitivity when you adjust the slider
- made several adjustments to the sensitivity spectrum