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Today's release fixes the majority of outstanding bugs for our pending release in China. We still have a few host related issues and we plan to release an updated PlayGATE in support of the pending Open Beta test for China that should start in the next week. This will likely be our last release for 1.30 in the US as we now move on to start closed testing for the Unity Upgrade and version 1.31. I would like to thank our team for delivering this milestone and to our team in China we wish you tremendous success!

WWIIOL - Battleground Europe
Version (8-27-09)

- Fixed the Bedford transport truck not being able to climb steep grades
- Audited all transport trucks/halftracks to ensure they climbed steep grades
- Replaced AP ammunition in Crusader Mk.II with APCBC
- Increased KwK.38L42 AP ammunition to capped standard (PzKw.IIIh)
- Increased MINE round loadout in MGFF/M belts by 20% (Bf109E-4, Bf109F-1, Bf110C-4)
- Audited SaMle.38L33 AP rounds (H-39)
- Audited SaMle.35L34 AP rounds (S-35 and CharB1.bis)
- Fixed the "vibrator bug" in the S-35
- Adjusted an inertial value affecting off axis recoil in the PzKw.VIe Tiger

- Invites will now show the correct inviter and squad names
- Squads will now default to English (or Chinese) as the default language
- Squad issues with non English characters have been resolved
- Squad issues with 10 character names have been resolved

- Fixed a rare chat host crash
- .reports will now accept Chinese characters

- Some memory tuning

- Fixed unwise.exe

- MOTD should now accept input from any IME
- MOTDs now save correctly
- Several IME improvements
- Fixed capture dialog

Hourly Play (China):
- Player's minute balance now properly updates at despawn

Chat Rate Limiting (China):
- Chat messages can now be time limited through the host to prevent chat spam
- Recruiters call signs are now correctly shown in the requiter windows

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