1.31 Open Beta Test Plan - Week 1


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UPDATE: WE NEED PERFORMANCE TESTING FEEDBACK AND DATA. PLEASE FOLLOW THE PROCEDURE OUTLINED HERE!  We've set up a schedule with Monday and Tuesday as open play time, Wednesday and Thursday as Focus testing, and more open play on Friday. We're all looking forward to your first impressions!

Those of you who have been with us long enough to remember past open Betas will remember that, from the launch of the open test, the Beta server was kept open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for the entire duration. We've decided to change the format in hopes of getting more concentrated results.

For the first few weeks, the Beta server will be open to premium subscribers during scheduled hours, some dedicated to focus testing, some to open play (go where you want, spawn what you want).  Towards the end of each week, we'll announce the new schedule for the following week. We may expand the hours that the Beta server is available for open play later. After each focus test, a set of polls will be available to gather data and several threads will be created in the Bug Testing & Reporting forums.

Week 1 Beta server schedule (all times are CST):

Monday, Feb.22nd: 12pm - Midnight [Open Play]
Tuesday, Feb.23rd: 6pm - 10pm [Open Play]
Wednesday, Feb.24th: 12pm - 4pm---- FOCUS TESTING INFANTRY - Nijmegen/Lent
Thursday, Feb.25th: 6pm - 10pm---- FOCUS TESTING INFANTRY - Nijmegen/Lent
Friday, Feb.26th: 12pm - 4pm [Open Play]

Week 1 of open Beta will revolve primarily around infantry play. We will be running two focus tests which will consist of an infantry-only battle in the NE sector of the map, centering around Nijmegen/Lent. No other equipment is invited to this party. Violators will be warned once. If they persist, they will then be booted from the server and their livers turned into tasty little snacks for our hard working devs, coders and artists. No fooling here. These infantry battles are to test the new capture mechanism and the nofire zones. We'll be setting up the battle for Nijmegen/Lent, managing it so that the capture goes back and forth between Axis and Allies. After the tests are complete, we'll need you to fill out a brief poll as well as give us some feedback in the Game Bug Reporting and Open Testing Issues forum.

The following weeks of Beta testing will focus on different features like trucks, bombing, rainy day flying among other things. On Fridays we will post the schedule for the following week. We are currently only planning two focus test sessions each week, but that might change. The Beta server access schedule might also change depending on feedback and need.

Thanks for your help and we'll see you online!