1.31 Open Beta Test Plan - Week 2


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UPDATE! v1.31.0.27 is needed for today's focus testing session. Download it now! Due to a small brain hiccup, a hot patch will download via Playgate today before testing (small, wee...miniscule even!). Today's test will be a repeat of Rolling Thunder broken into 2 sessions: 6 - 8pm, reset the server and then 8 - 10pm. In between sessions, we'll be booting everybody off to reset so you'll have to log back in.


This is Beta. That means that updates can be frequent and of varying size. One day it might be a small "hot patch" while another day it will be a full install that will take longer to download and install. This is the nature of the Beta Beast. Keeping the Beta server hours limited for the time being isn't likely to change for the moment either. Our primary goal during this phase is focus testing and fixing bugs. When we've accumulated sufficient information and we're happy with the stability and performance of the beta, it will likely stay up for extended hours. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Week #2 of focus testing will be Ground Warfare. The beta server schedule is planned to remain the same unless otherwise announced:

Week 2 Beta server schedule (all times are CST):

Monday, Mar.1st: 12pm - 4pm [Open Play]
Tuesday, Mar.2nd: 6pm - 10pm [Open Play]
Wednesday, Mar.3rd: 12pm - 4pm---- FOCUS TESTING ROLLING THUNDER
Thursday, Mar.4th: 6pm - 10pm----FOCUS TESTING ROLLING THUNDER (Broken into 2 parts: 6-8pm/8-10pm)
Friday, Mar.5th: 12pm - 4pm [Open Play]


Rainy day combined arms (infantry/armor) combat between two divisions staged close to each other. We're looking for feedback on things such as fighting in the rain and vehicle/infantry combat gameplay in a more "meeting engagement" situation. Thus the fight is NOT centered around a brigade defending a town from the target town itself.

We are set-up for this test to take place around Tienen. Both sides will be in towns adjacent with firebases facing each other and into Tienen, both open at the same time (a no mans land confrontation) ... while we want you to focus on the "meeting engagement of combined arms" for gameplay feedback and experiences around the town and in the fields, thus forces will be travelling into town (Tienen) from BOTH sides ... you can still capture depots in Tienen BUT NOT THE ARMYBASE please. We want the "set-up" to function throughout the testing to help get the feedback we need.

After the tests are complete, we'll need you to give us some feedback in the Game Bug Reporting and Open Testing Issues forum.

Thanks again, looking forward to seeing you all on the Beta server.