1.31 Open Beta Test Plan - Week 3


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UPDATE: PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE V1.31.0.29 INSTALLER FOR THE FOCUS TEST! Our second week of Beta focus testing started out a bit rough, but we ended up having a great combined arms battle last night. It was broken into 2 sessions, the first centering around Tienen, which was designated a no-mans land that was under contention. The second half was a pitched battle in Roermond, dozens of tanks scrapping it out while the Allied infantry tried to cap the Axis bunker. It was great fun, the server was stable and fewer bugs were found than in previous tests. PLEASE BE SURE TO COMPLETE THE INFANTRY SURVEY! WE NEED YOUR INPUT.


This is Beta. That means that updates can be frequent and of varying size. One day it might be a small "hot patch" while another day it will be a full install that will take longer to download and install. This is the nature of the Beta beast.

Keeping the Beta server hours limited for the time being isn't likely to change for the moment either. Our primary goal during this phase is focus testing and fixing bugs. When we've accumulated sufficient information and we're happy with the stability and performance of the beta, it will likely stay up for extended hours.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and we cannot thank those that help us with our testing enough. Salute to you all!

Week #3 of focus testing will be regular campaign style play, using infantry, armor, air and navy:

Week 3 Beta server schedule (all times are CST):

Monday, Mar.8th: 12pm - 4pm [Open Play]
Tuesday, Mar.9th: 12pm - 4pm [Open Play]
Wednesday, Mar.10th: 10am - 10pm---- FOCUS TESTING BATTLE FOR THE MEUSE (Regular campaign style play)
Thursday, Mar.11th: 12pm - 4pm [Open Play]
Friday, Mar.12th: 12pm - 4pm [Open Play]

We had some issues for week 2 that means we didn't accrue as much feedback and data as we need.  We'd like everyone that logs in to the Beta to take some time doing the things they do during a regular campaign: bust FBs, cap facilities, fight for army base bunkers, move brigades etc. The Wednesday Focus testing is going to be a staff monitored battle with system messages occasionally directing participants to test various features.

Please make sure to record your feedback in the Open Beta Testing Forum.

Links to the current version download can be found here.