1.31 Open Beta Test Plan - Week 7


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Lot's of work got done this week sending tickets to test. That means we need you guys to check the Beta forums for fixes that need testing so that we can close them and push 1.31 to it's live release. A big obstacle was overcome this week; the floating terrain objects issue has been identified and a fix implemented. The team has done a great job plowing through tickets and Gophur got a patch built and uploaded yesterday. So go download, log in, and help us make sure that the world looks and plays great!

Wednesday, April 7th: Noon - Midnight [Open Play]
Thursday, April 8th: 12pm - 4pm - FOCUS TESTING "BATTLE FOR ROERMOND"
Friday, April 9: 12pm - 4pm [Open Play]

We'd like everyone that logs in to the Beta to take some time doing the things they do during a regular campaign: bust FBs, cap facilities, fight for army base bunkers, move brigades etc. The Thursday Focus testing is going to be a staff monitored battle with system messages occasionally directing participants to test various features.

Please make sure to record your feedback in the Open Beta Testing Forum.

Links to the current version download can be found here.