1.31.2 Production Update

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Today we'll be building the next beta version for the next patch of WWIIOL:BE. This version is 1.31.2 and includes what we hope are a lot of great fixes for some of the most outstanding bugs you are all experiencing. We had hoped to get that out this week before the holiday weekend but now that we finally figured out that it was the destroyed state that was causing problems in Liege and have fixed that there is a little less pressure to push this out fast. Now we can add a few more fixes but also because we are a bit behind on the QA of the patch and don't want to do anything that might cause issues over the holiday weekend. So, we'll let this beta a bit more.

On the Liege issue I just want to take a moment to thank those of you who were understanding with the team (especially those on the front lines like our Game and Community managers) and I'm glad we could get it fixed without several weeks of dev. Once we had the right information it took less than five minutes to fix. While rare, we have had issues with uncappable towns in the past and we've generally dealt with them with a patch at some point but when a town is broken in the live game that just makes for a bad experience and we appreciate those of you who understand the nature of these things and helped us get through it. This one was particularly surprising given the months of testing this patch went through but I guess we just missed this one. Now onto the beta update... is now in testing and we could use your help is you get some free time over the weekend to check it out. will likely be released into test tomorrow. We've stickied a bunch of threads that need feedback or testing but here's what's currently in testing.


Several tweaks have gone in here. Friendly infantry will now flinch again when you shoot them. The knife has gotten a better swing collider so it hits harder more often and with more blood (YAY!). Capture assists have been removed from the AAR since they no longer have any meaning. And we've added new high detailed corpses. The satchel placement should be functioning again. I could use a few of you on beta to confirm this. I've tested it but really, I'm not the leet sapper that some of you are.


Sarlacc is dead. Apparently that'll mean something to some of you. You know who you are.

Also those weird state bugs, like people seeing you on fire when you are not, are likely fixed. Tough to tell in beta with the low population of testers. This is one of the things we didn't want to push live right before a holiday weekend. I guess you can put the concussion bug in that same basket because we THINK it's fixed but we can't really know for sure until we get a live fight to test it in. C'est la dev.


We're currently working on fixing that pesky RR station that won't let you climb the stairs when it is destroyed. Do you know the one I'm talking about? You probably do, yeah.

While we were in there we went ahead and demanded that all trees plant themselves firmly in the ground. How did one report put it? Oh yes, "Flying for Germany is so easy that the trees around Wiltz are taking off." Too funny! I lol'd, really. I was going to change his name to something comically rude but I realized from his SS that he was playing German so he was being funny not snarky. Let that one slide I guess.

Back on track, there are no more Russian castles in the world, that is all.


You'll notice that there is no longer an option to select Netcode2 Beta or regular. That's because thanks to our work on BE:China (or pkhlk for those in the know) has brought this out of beta. We still have the old netcode in there in case the new one fails for you but this should help several connection issues people are having. We also fixed some shadow options that may improve some scene's performance for those of you running performance preferences.

Icons and Decals

We've fixed some weird issues with icons, especially the builder ones. Please test this out if you can.

Mission Results Pending

They tell me this is fixed. I am pleased. You should test. Seriously though, this is another one that needs a heavy server load to test so it'll go live after the holiday weekend in case there are any issues. Better safe then Liege. Wait did I say that out loud!


Before we can turn our eyes completely to the next dev cycle we have a few more issues we need to straighten up. The biggest offenders are the crash when spawning different personas bug which is a real bear and the locked personas after said crash. We're hoping to make some headway on those as well as a few more that you may or may not be aware of in the next week. Once we're done there the team will be free to let loose on our plans for the next 6 months and I think you'll be surprised and quite pleased when you get a wiff of what we're up to. Until then...

See you on the Meuse
Dana "Gophur" Baldwin
0 #12 Shifty87 2010-07-06 08:21
Infantry eye sight needs to get done soon

as already said, sticking half your body out of a bush to look out is just horrible

fix soon
0 #11 Brooks123 2010-07-06 06:03
Any word on making inf more visible in bushes? as stated above Invisible.
- id resub if so, make this a priority plz, or look into it for the sake of both sides.
0 #10 irishflyer 2010-07-04 21:42
I had the mission pending bug tonight about 4 or 5 times.
0 #9 WDRatt 2010-07-04 11:20
Great news...but i didnt see anything there about the fact infantry cannot be run over by Tanks/trucks... is that going to be fixed in this one?? I really hope so...that one's the real "Game killer" for me...
0 #8 Sethorion 2010-07-03 19:38
Oh man I hope STO's are on the next dev cycle.

Please say its so ;_;
0 #7 reaper24 2010-07-03 00:23
i hope that they fix the lost connecion to host i hate that
0 #6 mcafeed 2010-07-02 12:51
Sounds Great Gophur!

It looks like things are rolling in a positive direction!

I look forward to seeing you, Rafter and Motormouth at the Dallas mini-con if you all can make it. I'll try to drag a few of the old Arlington/Ft Worth guys out :)
0 #5 Hastati 2010-07-02 04:34
Any updates on the concussion bug?

I had it for a good 5-10mins - it would turn off and back on randomly then it completely disappeared?
0 #4 delems 2010-07-02 00:36
What about the invisible infantry in cps killing you? This needs to be fixed as it is a game breaker for me and was never like this in the old version.
0 #3 kc23 2010-07-01 21:54
Great work as always CRS.
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