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The team has been working their buns off fixing broken stuff and exterminating some very annoying bugs as well as adding a few juicy items. The latest patch will require the host to come down sometime Thursday, July 15, 2010, most likely in the morning. Please check the Twitter feed for updates.

Here are some of the most crucial fixes and additions that will have many of you breathing a sigh of relief:

Mission Results Pending

Initial testing has told us that the latest incarnation of "Mr.P" that has been plaguing 1.31 has most likely been fixed. Now I have to balance that with this: The original version of the MRP bug might still be present. We were able to find the cause of the current bugr. We're still digging through code to see if we can pin-point exactly what's causing the original.

Concussion Bug

Finally think we fixed this nasty one. Infantry would enter a state where their screen would shake constantly as if caught in an endless bomb blast. Initial testing on the Beta server has been positive, the live server will let us know if we really nailed it.

Updated links and facilities

All redundant depot facilities along eastern edge of map (Frankfurt) were reconfigured into capturable city facilities as well as renamed the depots. As well, Beauvais and Clermont had new facilities added to enable the placement of AOs. We also added the links between Clermont and Beauvais and the southern edge map towns (Poix-de-Picardie, Essertaux and Moreuil)

Killed Saarlac

Yes, that plane eating nuisance has been slaughtered. Good riddance!

Contact Reports Auto Approved

This is one that's been requested by a lot of you and we're happy to tell you that it's been added. You no longer have to wait for your contact to be approved by a mission leader who maybe be AFK or has his hands full with combat or beer drinking.

No Fire Zone Adjustment

You now have 60 seconds to vacate a spawn facility after it has been captured by the enemy. The No Fire reaction will only be activated once the capture re-build timer has expired (what used to be the old radio table). So this gives you some crucial time to fight your way out of a building before your weapon becomes inactive.

Bf109 F2 Added to Spawn List

As a result of a player poll, the Bf109 F1 has been replaced with the Bf109 F2. The poll, which was designed carefully to get an accurate reading of what the pilots who would be using it wanted, resulted in a clear majority in favor of the change. Beta testers are giving it the thumbs up.

Fixed Several Commands

OIC nominate and OIC volunteer are now working properly.

That's just a few of the items that were tackled in this latest patch. There are other issues we're still working on so we expect there will be one more big patch before 1.32.

See you on the Meuse!

WWIIOL - Battleground Europe
Version (7-14-10)

- Infantry can be run over again
- Infantry no longer "hop" over low flying planes
- Ragdoll effects from blasts are no longer multiplied by multiple explosions
- Improved head bounce when ascending/descending
- Friendly INF now react when hit
- Added blood effects to knife hits
- Fixed a satchel placement issue
- Fixed floating corpses when building destroyed
- Added high detail corpse option
- Infantry shadows removed from several objects due to incorrect rendering

- Char riders no longer floating in the air
- Updated Stug IIIG drivers viewport to work better on super wide screen resolutions
- Fixed driver zoom view on Stug IIIG
- Killed Sarlacc
- Fixed some bad vehicle states (fireball bug)

- Bf109 F2 added to replace Bf109 F1
- Fixed the damage bug in the Spitfire Mk.Ia

- Arena lock now halts capture (and auto-un-cap) states

- Fixed Mac ML contact reports
- Contact reports are now auto approved
- Large and Small towns now show their facility markers on the map at the same zoom level
- Adjusted ship EWS to 1km
- Map now correctly focuses on selected facilities
- HAAC icon now shows on map

World Objects:
- Fixed some clipping issues on the AT revetment
- AI ATG should no longer kill themselves
- Fixed radial clutter in buildings like the hangar
- Fixed some foliage seed issues with the Mac
- Fixed an urban RR station whose stairs were not colliding
- Fixed some Russian flags
- Fixed floating trees in forest

- Reconfigured all redundant depot facilities along eastern edge of map -> Frankfurt into capturable city facilities
- Renamed all redundant depots to clarify them not being spawnable depots
- Added city facilities to Beauvais and Clermont to enable AO’s to be placed
- Added new depot facilities to enable links from Beauvais and Clermont to southern map edge towns
- Installed links between Clermont and Beauvais and the southern edge map towns (Poix-de-Picardie, Essertaux and Moreuil)
- Fixed a bunch of FB’s with berm issues
- Fixed a bunch of AB’s with slope issues
- Fixed a number of depots with slope issues
- Fixed the torn supercell vertices near Schlieden
- Fixed several misspelled facilities

- Vehicle shadows should now be off in performance default preferences
- Corpses now adjust properly to performance, balanced and quality default preferences
- Netcode2 is now the default (and no longer an option in settings)

- Fixed OIC nominate and volunteer

- Arena lock now stops capture

No Fire Zone:
- Only active if enemy owned facility is open for business

- Fixed trainers having builders icons
- Fixed a mission results pending issue

- added new $town, $here, and $hcid shortcuts to Commands page.

Added to Memorial:
- Graham "sesh609" Cowell