1.32 Open Beta and Focus Tests - UPDATE!

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Your version 1.32 client is now available for offline testing and tomorrow begins our Open Beta Testing phase...woot! We begin our testing with two Focus Test sessions before we open the Beta server 24/7. FOCUS TEST WEDNESDAY AT 3PMCDT - HELP NEEDED!

Player PPO's

Infantry Fighting Position (IFP) - A small bermed enclosure representing a position an infantryman might "dig out" around himself. A player can place these according to their "placement color" state: green = good, can place here and red = no good, can't place here.

Dynamic Gun Emplacement (DGE) - A copy of the defensive AT gun revetment that the Sapper class infantry can place. A sappe can place these according to their "placement color" state, green = good, can place here and red = no good, can't place here.

Forward Resupply Unit (FRU) - A mobile spawn and player RTB point that also provides ammunition resupply in the field. Only a Mission Leader can place this. It can also be dropped by a resupply truck. There is a limit of 1 per mission, and a Mission Leader can delete an existing one if he seeks to place a new one in a different and better location for that mission. The same green/red placement status is used as with the other PPO's.

To limit "spamming" of PPO's in one place there is also a "cool down" timer that restricts how quickly you can place another PPO.  This doesn't affect FRU's which have a limit of 1 per mission.

Bailing out of Aircraft replacing mid-air despawn


New for aircraft is the bailout despawn function. If you are in an aircraft flying above 180m AGL (above the ground) altitude, instead of despawning when you exit the aircraft, it will ask you if you wish to bailout. Clicking "Yes" will throw off your aircraft's canopy and then bail you out and leave you hanging from a parachute as your plane plummets off into the distance. Your plane can still be shot at and damaged until it hits the ground and explodes. The pilot cannot be shot while hanging from his parachute.

Your sortie will end after bailing when:

  1. Your plane blows up (hulks)
  2. Your plane crashes into the ground
  3. You land on the ground
  4. 30 seconds has elapsed since bailing out and none of the above has occurred yet

You will then be returned to your sortie AAR screen in the UI. Bailing always = MIA or Rescued but never an RTB, and always awards a kill to the person who shot you down. If you are killed in the cockpit before you bail out you cannot bail out.

Pilots can only get an RTB by landing at their airfield. Regular despawn (not bailing out) is now restricted to landing the aircraft as mid air despawn is no longer possible.

You'll need to be coordinated and work together with planning and timing to pull this off. Imagine the bragging rights if you win it!

Focus Test Sessions - UPDATED!!!!

We need more targeted testing on the FRU. Please log in Wednesday, October 6th at 3pmCDT for two hours of testing.

The location where the testing will be set up is planned for the towns of Haybes and Gedinne.

Be there or be square!

1.32 Open test Read Me, Schedule and Downloads here!

We need feedback on these features, so be sure to contribute here!


0 #14 Bowdy 2010-10-06 13:42
I also think you should let deactivated accounts hop on the beta server to see whats changed.
+2 #13 Suggs 2010-10-06 11:18
ISP and GE dissapear even if your in them, could you please try to fix this.
+2 #12 Mercyman 2010-10-05 23:58
I hope this solves the alt+f4 key ;)
+2 #11 Don Ward 2010-10-05 03:56
Maybe it's because I only play Axis and have been on the receiving end of way to many Allied airquakes, but I'd like to be able to machine gun the poor helpless pilot as he's drifting to the ground :-) :-) :-)
+2 #10 drumerdude 2010-10-03 14:13
Im confused. I downloaded the and went to the offline test. It says its when its loading but it looks just like 1.31. And the ragdoll looks dirty. It's as if it down-graded. Please email me to tell me why.
+2 #9 chemydan 2010-10-01 21:48
Can't wait try it online, sounds like new abilitys gona rock the block... 8)
gj guys with new addons..nuff said going online l8tz all..
+2 #8 wqert 2010-10-01 21:07
boooo i had to work
+2 #7 Ivnat 2010-10-01 08:08
Great improvement in performance and settings. I think PPO's are a good way to attract both old and new players, as the new infantry models that I hope to see soon in 1.33. In my opinion, small and quick patches are a good idea.
+2 #6 hanky 2010-09-30 23:33
Is there any plans to make Dynamic Gun Emplacement's resupply ammo to weapons inside the pit? [We're holding off from making it a resupply point until we complete our internal re-visit of supply mechanisms -Rafter]
+2 #5 jw 2010-09-30 20:29
Is the "warning heavy infantry presence" message when enemy infantry is near giving details, ie- se sw ne, etc. actually going to stay? ruining the chance to sneak up on enemy infantry? Please, tell me it aint so, please.... [It's in for testing a concept and it's something can be turned on/off on any of our servers. We expect to continue testing it during intermissions and on the training server. There are no plans to turn it on in the current form capaign play. -Rafter]
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