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Rat Chat time update!The next big update for WWIIOL Battleground Europe is now in beta testing and moving swiftly towards open test. That makes this an excellent time to update you guys on what is likely to be in the release. Some things you've probably heard about but some things have changed or been added so today I'll give you a quick run down of the current features in beta.

Airborne Vehicle De-spawn

OK, I like to call this bail out but that term has SO many expectations associated with it that I want to make sure we're all on the same page here. What we are doing is pretty simple but it has a big impact. First, we are giving pilots an opportunity to exit a failing plane without dying, hence bailing out. Secondly and equally important we are giving pilots feedback on planes that are exiting the world by having them not simply blink out into nothing. In fact you can no longer de-spawn a plane in the middle of a flight with no feedback. You need to land, or crash or bail out to exit a plane. We're also trying to work in some really cool scoring changes but I don't want to harp on them too much as they haven't gotten any real host attention yet so I can't say for certain what we'll get in release. We're trying to make it so that there is some sort of reward for maneuver kills as well as giving a scoring bonus to pilots who RTB their damaged plane. More to come hopefully.

PPO's PPO's PPO's!!!

We're so excited about this feature we're actually giddy. Player Placed Objects are the latest addition to the acronym glossary here at Playnet. You'd think we worked for the DoD or something with all of these three letter words.

We started down this path by deciding that we wanted truck drivers to be able to deploy a mobile spawn and then drive away leaving an object in the world. Cool.

The we thought, well, if a truck can do it why not a trooper? So let's add a little berm that an infantry can place in the world to give him cover. You know kind of like a fox hole but above ground (I know... it'd complicated). Oh and hey. While we're at it let's give something cooler and bigger to the sapper to build since we're really wanting to turn him into an engineer in the future. So now we have Infantry Fighting Positions (IFP) and Gun Emplacements (GE). Very cool.

OK then. Now we have spawn points that can be placed let's think about adding resupply functions to them. Forward Reinforcement Unit (FRU)? While we're at it since we have troopers placing stuff in the world let's let the Mission Leader place them as well as the truck. That way he can advance his spawn location as he moves toward or is pushed back from, his objective. Let that bend your noodle for a minute. Super cool.

Where does that lead us next? Probably a lot of places but some POSSIBLE options are more and varied fighting positions, minefields, player placed origins... Let's not get too far ahead or I'll start getting dizzy. The point is we have turned Server Tracked Objects in a really nice direction and I think we'll all have a lot of great ideas on how to develop this idea further.

Pockets and Surrender

We're working on a system to force pocketed towns to surrender to the enemy. Simply put this will allow the players to work on cut off map areas if they choose to or they can let them slowly flip sides behind the lines. Cut off units will also surrender under certain circumstances such as if they can't move. This has been something we've battered around for quite some time but it hasn't been something we could code up until recently. With a lot of confusion and chaos on the battlefield about this hole in the game mechanic we think this is a good time to try and codify some rules to address it. Those rules are still not 100% firm, we're still tweaking them to make sure we've got them fair and understandable. The initial timer can be altered after testing depending on what feedback we get. Letting the system deal with it eliminates confusion and let's you get back to fighting the virtual war.

I'll call those the big three but there is actually a lot more going on here at the HQ. We've got a bunch of bug fixes in the pipeline and several of them will be going into 1.32. We're tying to get this patch out the door soon so that we can pour the steam on for 1.33 which is primarily focused on the infantry redo. Did you see that yet? I wish I could spill the beans about some of the other features in planning to you guys but it's still just a bit early.

For now, we 're going to concentrate on getting 1.32 out the door and that means that hopefully in a couple weeks we'll be sending this into open test. When we do we'll talk about some of the other features and fixes for 1.32. Until then...

See you on the Meuse,



In order to accommodate both our North American and Euro players, we'll be holding two Rat Chats:

Tuesday, September 14th 7pmCDT (UTC: 00:00)

Wednesday, September 15th 2pmCDT (UTC: 19:00) CORRECTED TYPO! BLOODY HELL, I'M SORRY!

Rat Chat Server:

The topic will be 1.32. Please have one or two questions ready. Chat will be limited to 60 minutes and will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

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