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We had lots of good comments and questions from the last 1.34 Development Update. GOPHUR addresses some of them below:

...I found one thing and I don't know if you have fixed it. The M10 has (had) a hole in the frontal turret. If you raise the main gun higher, you will notice this hole. Nice big gap.

GOPHUR: Have a ticket for this. The art is actually missing texture there but the damage model has armor. You can;t shoot through it even though it might look like you can. You'll see the hit mark decals when you hit the invisible armor.

I will ask again like the other updates, is German grenadier being put on a timed fuse or will the rest of the allies get shotguns too?

GOPHUR: The German's did not have a timed fuse rifle grenades available for the K98. In WWIIOL we do not model sides based on red versus blue though we do try to give matching types of weapons where they are available. Our game is about both historical accuracy and historical diversity. Each weapon is modeled as close as we can get to the historical version with very few exceptions. The round velocity and balistic coefficient, the weapon dispersion, and the thickness of armor are all part of our simulation and the variety of historical weapons is equally a part of our game.

Wow, how was the sound bug replicated? That thing was with us for years and nobody could figure out how to replicate it.

GOPHUR: "The Sound Bug". That's not much to go on. I can tell you that several sound bugs were fixed in 1.34 including the one where you could loose sound when you turned off your engine while at full throttle. There are a bunch of other changes and improvements top the Xaudio system. The best way for us to tell if your version of "the sound bug" is fixed is for you to hop into the test server and find out. IF it isn;t fixed you can give us a report about it and we can get to work finding and killing the bug.

on the 40mm bofors,how about drawing in a few rounds of ammo in the feed rollers,i hate manning a gun with no ammo in it,i know a bit about mapping modeling and texturing it shouldnt take more than an hour to do,to the wolf,s lair with all respect.

GOPHUR: I'll make a ticket for it as a feature request but to be honest it probably isn;t going to get very high on the priority list any time soon.

I am sorry, but I don't like name change of sapper. The word sapper does not mean only blowing stuff up... What is behind this?

GOPHUR: We're fundamentally changing his role so we're giving him a new name. Engineers build things and he's going to

yerrr..the atr got a pistol? doesn't it have one already?

GOPHUR: Yep. Pistol, 4 smoke grenades and a combat knife. Only change for 1.34 is that he gets a satchel. Ultimately he'll be the first RDP infantry and he'll get replaced with an RPAT infantry in later tiers.

Removing spawn delays: Incrementally increase AI pits, their intensity and accuracy for the under populated side while incrementally decreasing AI pits, their intensity and accuracy for the over populated side.

GOPHUR: Dynamic adjustments to AI accuracy aren't currently available.

anything about the new battle tabs ? Screenshots ? Good job and thank you

GOPHUR: No, the Battles Tab is still on our want list but hasn't gotten pushed through yet. Scenarios are still under development but we don't currently have the deployment plans completed. Not ready for prime time.

You mentioned, more to come American planes; which models do you have on the table?

GOPHUR: Variants at present. Namely the A20. We could do some of the others but even as variants they just aren't that sexy. Let's face it, we want the Mustang. Don't know yet when we'll get it but that's what we want.

How about fixing the tailgun on the stuka? At about 10m it shoots about 1ft right and 1ft low. Makes a big difference when manning it and trying to shoot ea on your tail.

GOPHUR: Yeah someone posted about this in the Bug Reporting Forum. We've ticketed it. Not going to make 1.34.

Why is it that when a pilot is hit in the legs, his arms don't work but he can still kick rudder like a mule? seems a leg shot should affect legs, not arms and an arm shot should affect arms and not legs. Seems pretty backwards on that one.

GOPHUR: Because the crews all had mismatched mapping in the code. Most people call this the gun bug but it affected all crew. It should be fixed in 1.34. Let us know what you find.

0 #14 HuskerGI 2011-11-02 08:16
If you do not want Red vs. Blue in relationship to say, the grenadier shot gun issue the axis have.....Then why was the British Grenadier nerfed?
0 #13 zxyrl 2011-11-01 12:40
How about land mines? Could you re-use the sapper charges model and just make them invisible?
0 #12 vonripp 2011-11-01 09:53
M1 Garand looks great! I did see one item that was inconsistant. The M1 could not be topped off with individual rounds because of its enblock spring clip design. Is this design weakness going to be incorporated into the weapon.
0 #11 Ahole 2011-10-27 01:19
hmm if the P51 is added depending on the variant, you might need to give the luftwaffe something that can compete with it...maybe a g14? which was essentially a g6 with MW50 boost..
0 #10 Gagsy 2011-10-25 04:23
Someone asked about the diff between the axis gren and the allied gren,the axis nade is instant allied nades are timed and the answer; not wishin to have red versus blue but more historical.So why is the brit gren heat round being removed then?
0 #9 Chieftom 2011-10-22 11:10
Gophur, What Variant of the A20 are you planing? The A-20C or A-20G with the dorsal turret? The Twin 50s could make things very interesting.
0 #8 je5ter 2011-10-22 06:13
How is the PIAT doing?
0 #7 Marneus 2011-10-22 04:42
1)About the 2½ truck? Will it be a GMC CCKW or a Studebacker US6?
2) About the A-20, I guess it will be the A-20G, both for number of production and for the time, it is that correct?
3)I want meh P-47!!!
0 #6 herkku2 2011-10-21 17:17
would be nice and a bit more real if Mortars could make crators,& dirt flung up in the air. instead of a white puff of smoke and a dark Impact point.
i agree and want it too!
0 #5 Crossfir 2011-10-21 12:22
LOL... I'm wondering what the Dark Force army says about M10's new art technology --> Cloaking Armoured Plate Device for Allied Tank Destroyer... Some players will say, "I know I shot the gunner in that gap of M10.." :P
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