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DOCWe ran a poll regarding the Bf109F-1, because we figured that the F-2 version would have been a better fit into the plane set than the original Bf109F-1 but we decided to see how well it would be recieved before devoting any time to the task. The results are in.

We could just have left the F-1 in the set but unfortunately we can't have both options. The F-2 "won" the poll by a small majority but more telling was that the fly-in-groups and BnZ flyers pulled it out to a larger majority again, making the option to change the F-1 to an F-2 an even more obvious positive.

Here's why we thought the F-2 makes a better option, and if we had a time machine would probably have been chosen instead of the F-1.

The F-1 and F-2 share identical top speeds.

The F-2 climbs only about 60 feet a minute (averaged) less quickly than the F-1, and with a climb rate exceeding 3200 ft/min the differance won't even be noticed by most pilots.

The F-2 is marginally affected if you get in a stick-in-the-gut turn fight compared to the F-1... the differance is in the region of just over 1 mph less stall margin. Again, something that most pilots won't even notice.

The F-2 carries the same RCMGs in the top of the engine cowl with the same amount of ammunition as the F-1, but the slow firing, low velocity MGFF 20mm cannon with 60 rounds of high explosive rounds is replaced with a fast, flat shooting, high velocity 15mm cannon firing mostly AP with some HE/Tracer. The aircraft carries 200 rounds for this cannon.

For pilots who can dogfight and use the excellent handling of the F-2 (perhaps the best 109 in the game in this regard, discounting the lightweight E-1) tracking shots and deflection shooting with 200 rounds of flat shooting, ballistically superior 15mm will be a totally different kind of game than they are used to with the earlier E-4 and current F-1 or even the G-6. You can't really take a lot of deflection based tracking shots in the 60 round-a-gun 109's because ammo supply is so small and the ballistics are difficult.

For this reason alone it represents a better option than the F-1 because it permits a different type of combat pilot to select Luftwaffe than the F-1 allows. The other more traditional options will still be there in the E-4 so this is a broadening of the rather narrow focus of the German fighters as a whole.

The trade off is that each round is less damaging compared to the 20mm rounds the MGFF fires, so a wing/tail coming off your target may be a less frequent experience for the F-2 flyer. It is anticipated that pilot and engine kills will increase although without visual evidence being obvious pilot kills will be harder to guage than a wing coming off. However with all that high velocity AP (as opposed to all the lower velocity high explosive in the MGFF) it should be at least as effective as the current F-1 is and more so if the pilots that use it know how to dogfight in a Bf109 and hitting a target may be easier with the flat shooting Mg151 in 15mm form.

We wouldn't have made this decision if we didn't from the very outset feel it wasn't going to improve some aspect of the game. The poll was less about "what to do" and more orientated towards seeing if the players that will be using it felt the same as we did. Given it appears that more than half of them do, we're going to go ahead and see how this works out.

It's going into closed beta testing ASAP so it might make it into the game before v1.32, at which point you will see no more Bf109F-1's as it will be a direct replacement.

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0 #9 Piska250 2010-07-14 14:34
Are we sure that those who have voted are usual LW players?

As a german pilot, think that this change is for worst. Maybe the allied players shouldn't have been allowed to vote and then maybe the result would have been different. My two cents.
0 #8 Blakord 2010-07-13 21:12
This is no fair pool if ally can vote, all axy I know voted for still F1, where can I vote for change ally char for armored bike?
0 #7 meltac 2010-07-12 07:28
i agree with gnarf.

sending a bulllet stream to the estimated flying direction of the enemy is way more effective than trying to snipe in some way that doesn't cost too much ammo.

ammo count rules!!! just take a look at allied pilots ;)
0 #6 madrebel 2010-07-12 05:21
make sure to test 12 o'clock low angle dead six shot solutions. meaning 5-10 degrees above vector shots at the head rest area. the 15mm ap rounds should be capable of punching through all allied pilot armor of the period up to 200 meters.
0 #5 Cavalier 2010-07-10 00:09
I hope this turns out well for the Luftwaffe in tier 1. I think it will be an improvement.
0 #4 gnarf 2010-07-09 16:43
Regardless of flying style, I bet any pilot would choose the F2 over the F1 with those conditions. Ammo count and better ballistics is king the same way cash is. :)
0 #3 Sugabearto 2010-07-09 15:00
After having read this it makes me curious. I wanted NO. But seeing as this posts makes some sense im willing to try it out!
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